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The South Devon Chilli Farm grows over 10,000 chilli plants each year and harvest tonnes of fresh chillies. Most of which are used in their own range of chilli sauces, preserves and chilli chocolate. The farm have kindly supplied a bottle of their Single-Variety Chilli Sauce – Serrano

The Mexican Serrano pepper comes in slightly hotter than the Jalapeno and originates in the mountainous regions of the Mexican states of Puebla and Hidalgo. The name of the pepper is a reference to the mountains (sierras) of these regions and is used extensively in Mexican cooking.

I would refer to the South Devon Chilli Farm labels as very colourful and friendly. Their range has the same theme with different colours for each sauce. This label gives a heat rating of 5/10 (3,000-4,000 Scoville Heat Units) and suggests adding a splash of the sauce on any snack.


60% fresh Serrano Chillies, Cider Vinegar, Fresh Lemon Juice, Salt.

Bottle kindly supplied by South Devon Chilli Farm

Once the colourful bottle is opened the first sensation is freshness. Even though the ingredients are pickled they almost feel fresh.

The taste is basic and slightly acidic, it’s not a Serrano puree but it is basically liquid Serrano and instant chilli in a bottle so you get a nice low heat with a pure Serrano taste. Due to the low heat levels of the Serrano pepper a seasoned heat seeker would probably steer clear of this sauce. However for those new to chilli this is a lovely step up to add into those fajita dinner kits if you are exploring Mexican food. If you like jalapeno, you will enjoy Serrano and this sauce.

I would use as they suggest, on anything you want really, though from past use of this sauce I found covering chicken wings adds a most pleasing zing.

A 100ml bottle will set you back a rather precise £3.57 each. Though you can purchase 6 bottle sets for a discount direct from the farm.

More information can be found on the South Devon Chilli Farm’s Website

Value (6/10)

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