South Devon Chilli Farm – Cold Pressed Rapeseed Chilli Oil

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Being from the South (well, many places, but south mainly), I have a soft spot for those who farm, and source locally. South Devon Chilli Farm are located near Kingsbridge, in the South West of the UK and produce many Chilli products including, in this instance, the now very popular Cold Pressed Rapeseed Chilli Oil.

What can you say about this product? Well, in a massive 250ml bottle with a very vibrant bright green and red label, you sure can’t miss it. The beautiful yellow oil tinged lightly with reds from the dried chillies and chilli flakes used for infusion. The bottle says that this variety of oil is cold pressed for them by the Seed co in Dorset, then South Devon do all the magic!


Rapeseed oil 99%, Dried Chillies 1%.

Bottle kindly supplied by South Devon Chilli Farm

This oil has no distinctive scent, just the aroma of a good quality rapeseed oil. The taste, however, is a unique flavour I’ve not tasted in a rapeseed oil before. It has a relatively dry flavour with a very strong hint of nuts. The heat is mild, but noticable in the back of the throat, a bit like a smokey product would have.

This oil goes down very well as a dipping oil. I would add a touch of rock salt and a little dried basil to dip warmed ciabatta into as a starter for an italian main. Alternatively on a salad, drizzled over your favourite feta or as a replacement for your frying oil, for a nuttier taste with a little kick to it.

Direct from the SDCF website at £4.72 for this huge bottle of fine quality rapeseed oil with a great chilli kick, I think you get a great deal.

Value (9/10)


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