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Kam’s South American Products are a company with real family history named after Mum Kamala who enjoys making and eating pepper sauces and has passed on the secrets to the fifth generation who give us their sauces today. This heritage and natural home made approach makes me immediately warm towards this product range and I haven’t even tried any of their products yet.

Today I have the pleasure of tasting Kam’s Homemade Pineapple Chilli Chutney. The jar is like a mini old fashioned jam jar with a simple label not focused on commercial design but just telling you what’s inside, the picture of a pineapple gives it away. The small label allows you to see the inviting colour of the chutney contained within and something red and powerful lurking in the centre.

The product, as the label says, is homemade chutney. Though I must admit on opening the jar the contents consistency is a mix between a jam, jelly and chutney with a slightly watery look. However the products mini identity crisis over what type of condiment it is trying to be is immediately overcome by the sweet, inviting smell coming from the jar.

If you are in any doubt this is a chilli product or what the chilli is you are about to taste Kam’s have place a subtle reminder in the jar with a generous whole chunk of that wonderful fruity chilli the scotch bonnet in the middle! The jewel in the crown.


Pineapple, Sugar, Cloves, Cinnamon, Scotch Bonnet Chilli and Salt.

Jar kindly supplied by Kam’s South American Products Ltd.

The jar now open you can pick out each of these spices by smell.

Salivating at the smell its time to taste, a wave of beautiful sweet pineapple with a fruity gentle fiery kick. Though you can smell the cinnamon and cloves I could not taste them in this batch. I decided this to be a good point as both these spices can easily overpower any sauce or dish. To balance these flavours right is a skill.

The short British summer was in full swing when I received this sauce so I tried it alongside BBQ chicken and it was perfect. The jar lists the uses as adding to marinades, glazing meat, spicing up a sandwich and using as a dip or marmalade. I think it will also go well with a cheese platter. Its numerous uses link back to its identity crisis I mentioned above, this does not hinder Kam’s chutney it makes is very versatile.

My only criticism is that Jar is too small for how tasty the product is, I then looked up their homepage and found out that there are two sizes, problem solved. If you’re not a fan of sweet sauces and chutneys then the level of sweetness from both the sugar and pineapple may put you off a little but I say it’s still worth a try.

One 300g jar of this delight will set you back around £6.50 and a 160g jar is around £4.00. My taster jar was the 160g size… it is empty by the end of writing this review!

Find out more at kamspeppersauce.co.uk/ and see the other products they have too.

Value (6/10)

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