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by Rob House on August 18, 2013 · 1 comment

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Twisted 7 Sauces burst onto the UK chilli scene last year when they scooped a well-deserved 2nd place is the amateur sauce contest at the National Chilli Awards 2012 – our very own Darth Naga was one of the judges. Since then, owner Dean Pearman has been hard at work assembling a huge range of products.

In January, Dean sent us his first 9 products including the fiery Chocolate Sorz and the vibrant Sweet Ah-hee. Today I’ll be looking at another of his sauces – Candescent Cranberry.

In recent years cranberries have become increasingly popular. Many people consume them as part of their daily diet for the purported health benefits whilst others simply enjoy them for their tart flavour. Either way, these little berries have found their way into many everyday products including cereals, breakfast bars and beverages. That said, cranberry sauce is still regarded by many as a seasonal product and is typically only purchased to accompany turkey at Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners. Personally, I think cranberry sauce can be used for much more than livening up poultry, so I’m going to dispense with tradition and get stuck in.

The product is presented in a 200ml square glass jar which is adorned by a gold lid. A black label covers 3 sides of the jar and complements the ruby red sauce really well. The label has a matt finish and provides all the information that I’d hope to find on a chilli product including a heat scale and the type of chilli used in the product. The product logo is an orange flame which is consistent with other products in the range.

Ingredients: Cranberries (42%), Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Paper Lantern Habanero chilli peppers (3%), Port, Pectin

Jar kindly provided by Twisted 7 Sauces.

Upon removing the lid from the product, I am instantly greeted by a rich, fruity aroma. The port is very prominent whilst the sugar appears to have done a good job of masking the acidity of the cranberries.

The sauce is perhaps a little bit on the thin side, but shouldn’t present any problems as you’ll need a spoon to garner the contents from the jar. Upon closer inspection, I observed plenty of soft cranberry pieces and a few flecks of habanero chilli in the sauce. There were a few tiny cranberry seeds too, but this is to be expected. Conversely, I didn’t find a single chilli seed which is nice.

The initial taste is quite rich, but the fruitiness of the cranberries does come through after a few seconds. Overall, the balance of ingredients is excellent and there is just enough sugar to mask the tartness of the cranberries without turning this into another sweet chilli sauce.

The paper lantern habanero chillies provide a nice background warmth which is pleasant and not overbearing.

So far, I have tried this sauce with roast chicken, turkey sandwiches and soft cheeses. In all instances the sauce complimented these foods brilliantly. It also makes a fantastic addition to a brie & bacon baguette and would be a great accompaniment to game dishes and savoury foods such as pork pies too.

Priced at £4 for a 200ml jar its good value and in line with what I’d expect to pay for a product of this quality.

Unfortunately, it appears that I’m not the only one who has been impressed by this product as Twisted 7 Sauces have currently sold out. Dean assures me that he’ll be making more as soon as he can source some fresh paper lantern habaneros. In the meantime I’d recommend checking out the other products in the Twisted 7 Sauces range as there’s something to tempt everyone.

Value (7/10)


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avatar Dean August 19, 2013 at 12:05 pm

I actually now have a few ripe lantern’s so will be making some up in the next few days. Available over the website and its first outing will be the Chilli Festival at Waddesdon Plant Centre.


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