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Here at Chilefoundry, we have quite a big workload, and with more and more companies requesting a review of their products, this workload is increasing. Whilst we would all love to review full time, we all have real jobs to pay the bills so reviewing is our hobby and passion. So to try and share the load I would like to introduce and welcome James Fowkes, or Jamopepper as some will already know him on Twitter, to the writing team, and here are James’s own words on his chilli history and why I got him involved.

“I was never a fan of food when I was younger, but my first curry was a vindaloo then I discovered nacho‚Äôs with jalapeno at the cinema. After that chillis became a regular part of my life and I am now a well travelled adventurous eater.

Its not just about finding the hottest pepper for me, if you want heat its easy to find and not too hard to make. I am a complete foodie and appreciate the full taste experience and balance of flavours, as well as that endorphin rush from a good chilli hit!

For over a decade I have also grown chillis, starting from my kitchen window to several chilli grows and a larger plot in my garden. In partnership with growing I have been a regular attendee at the Westdean chilli fiesta for nearly 10 years in a row now, even help out on some stalls at other events like the Fiery Foods Festival and Shoreham Chilli Fest.

My love of travel has led me to some interesting places and spicy discoveries. I have spent 2 months living in Mexico tasting and testing chillies as part of my fascination and fondness for Mexican food and culture, including good tequila! Travelling across places like South East Asia and Costa Rica has further introduced me to not just hot chillis but the variety of spicy cuisine which I bring into my own cooking at home.

As a result, my regular chilli stash has representation from many small UK producers and well as several international and authentic Mexican products. I have also been very lucky to be involved in pre launch hot sauce tasting and product design for a few producers too.

My chilli community and obsession continue to grow and now I am happy to be invited into the ChileFoundry review team. You can also find me on twitter @jamopepper”

So there you have it, James has already been hard at work and his reviews will be published soon.

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