Mr Vikki’s Thai Sweet Habanero Sauce

by David Kelly on June 19, 2013 · 0 comments

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To twist a well known adage, it would seem there’s no rest for the wicked chilli sauce maker, or at least no rest for Adam the owner and creative mind behind Mr Vikki’s products. The Mr Vikki’s product range is wide & varied and Adam seems to have a panache for developing a selection of Indian and Thai themed products. What we have here is Adam’s endeavour to deliver an authentic Thai sweet chilli sauce.

Looking in any supermarket shelf you’ll find many variants of sweet chilli sauces available from mainstream brands but the first difference you’ll find with these compared to Mr Vikki’s is within the ingredients list – unlike those mass produced products Mr. Vikki’s sauce has a far shorter list of ingredients and of course has no artificial additives or flavouring.


Red Peppers, Sugar, Garlic, Vinegar, Habaneros Chillies (3%), Onion, Ginger, Salt, Spices

Bottle kindly supplied by Mr Vikki’s

The sauce is a bright strawberry red colour and upon opening the bottle an enveloping aromatic fragrance of red peppers and Habanero intertwined with tones of vinegar and garlic is released. It’s a very inviting aroma for any garlic lover and the scent of the garlic seemingly grows whilst carrying the aroma of spices. The spices used therein aren’t specified but I’m sure I can detect a subtle hint of lemongrass or ginger.

Pouring the sauce onto my tasting spoon reveals it has a runny jam-like consistency with tiny bits of onion, garlic and black pepper flecks contained within it. When tasting, there’s a sweet sugary hit before the natural flavours of the peppers and Habanero come through at a swift pace afterwards. Initially the heat burn hits the back of the throat but this recedes and the burn then builds and concentrates towards the front of mouth and lips. With a small percentage of Habañeros used the burn level is tame enough to be enjoyed by non chilliheads who want a stronger hit than those mass market sweet chilli sauces.

The onion and roasted garlic flavours then begin to come through and although not listed as an ingredient, I can detect a mild liquorice / aniseed like taste at the end. All of the flavours have been balanced very well together; indeed in particular the sweetness from the sugar has been well controlled to ensure it’s doesn’t follow the mass market trap of totally overwhelming and overpowering all of the other ingredients.

Naturally this sauce works well as a dipping sauce for such as spring rolls, prawn crackers or Thai fishcakes but it also makes for a great additive to use in stir fry, be it fish, prawn, chicken or vegetable  – a touch of this will also add a nice twist to your noodles too.

Available in 140ml bottles direct from Mr Vikki’s priced at £4.25 (although at the time of writing this review it’s currently on offer for only £3.75)

Value (7.5/10)

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