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Here we have another of the range from Twisted 7 Sauces, this review is for one of their hotter sauces, the interestingly named Chocolate Sorz. The sauce comes in a standard 100ml bottle, the label having the same look as the rest of the range and has a very professional look with the black background and the different coloured flame image on each bottle. This is rated 4 out of 5 chillies on their heat scale.

This sauce is called Chocolate Sorz, but as the label says, it is no normal chocolate sauce. It is named due to the primary ingredient, Chocolate Habaneros, but does contain a little real chocolate.


Chocolate Habanero Chillies (24%), Chipotle Chillies (20%), Water, White Wine Vinegar, Cherry Juice, Sundried Tomatoes (6%), Sugar, Lemon Juice, Smoked Roasted Garlic (0.7%), Cocoa Powder.

The sauce looks the fairly standard dark orangey red colour, due to the sundried tomatoes. Looking through the glass bottle I can see the odd chilli seed within the slightly textured sauce. Opening it reveals a very thick sauce which takes some coaxing to get out of the bottle, it is certainly not a pouring sauce but that is no bad thing as a lot of sauces are very runny resulting in half the bottle coming out!

The sauce has the characteristic habanero aroma, coupled with the smoky garlic and chipotle, make a nice first impression on the nostrils. One thing to mention very quickly, is the word Smoky or Smokey, which is correct? Or are both right in this context? I don’t know, answers on a postcard please…..

Back to the sauce and it’s taste. The initial hit is Habanero, not surprising as it has 24% chilli content and then the various other flavours flood the mouth, garlic, sweet fruitiness and the smoky chipotle. From reading the ingredients list I did think there were a lot of strong flavours which might fight against each other but actually they work well together.

I have seen a few sauces which contain some percentage of chocolate and I have often wondered whether I can taste it or not. In this sauce, I think I can but it could just be my brain being tricked as the sauce is called chocolate.

The heat level is good and is present straight away and builds quite well but is never overpowering, still allowing the other ingredients their space. It is also a nice lingering burn, my lips are pleasantly tingly about 7 or 8 minutes after tasting. I can see this being used as a sauce in a burger as it would stay put and not dribble out the sides or added to soup etc.

In summary, a very nice tasty sauce from a new comer to the chilli industry.

Available from Twisted 7 Sauce website for £4.49

Value (7/10)




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