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by Lady Cin on May 22, 2013 · 1 comment

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Twisted 7 have a sweet range of seven very different sauces, ranging from sweet and mild to deathly wild, they have a sauce to suit all tastes. Bringing you fresh locally sourced bits and bobs to go in their creations, they are uncompromising in the search for complete taste rehabilitation. Go fresh or go home, thats what I say!

A beautiful bright yellow colour with a considerable amount of ‘bits’ for you to enjoy; seeds, Aji flesh, garlic and arrowroot gives you a varied texture to this relatively thick sweet sauce. I find an acidic zest to the scent, but with plenty of citrus to boost the flavour, one of the things I simply love about the Aji lemon chilli, its uncanny fruity taste.

The first flavour; garlic, then an almost overwhelming growth in heat which spikes your tongue hot and fast. The sugar spreads all round the mouth, hitting the back of the throat with a very neat and fixed target. Mouth wateringly moreish with such a fresh zing, really confusing the tastebuds to the idea of whether its a sweet or a savoury sauce, it really brings a different level to the Aji, one you have to experience.


Aji Lemon/Lemon drop chilli Peppers (15%), Sugar (23%), Water, White Wine Vinegar, Garlic (3%), Salt, Arrowroot.

Listed on the website as a dipping sauce and good for a variety of meats, I would also like to add this to an ice cream (yes, I know I’m a little bit odd). Perhaps on a good bit of fresh fish as well?

The 100ml bottle found on Twisted 7 Sauces website at a great price of £4.49 which will leave you with a fantastic amount of pleasure!

Value (7/10)




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avatar Jamie Green May 24, 2013 at 11:45 am

Lovely sauce. Odd ingredients listAji Lemon/Lemon drop chilli Peppers (15%), Sugar (23%), Water, White Wine Vinegar, Garlic (3%), Salt, Arrowroot.Sugar, chillies + garlic = 41%. What makes up the rest of it?


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