April 2013

Simpson’s Seeds have long been supplying us with a bountiful selection of sauces, seeds, plants, books and lots more.  Professional green thumb folk and truly passionate about what they do, their reputation is amongst the top growers, suppliers and sauce makers in the UK, with a motto of ‘Putting Flavour First’, and making small batches of no more than 50 bottles a time, Matt Simpson lovingly creates an inspiring set of sauces personally for you to enjoy.

Simpsons Seeds CenturionI find ‘Centurion’ modestly dressed in a plain white label on the 140ml. This beautiful russet-orange coloured, well blended, medium viscosity sauce carries such a varied aroma.


Sugar, White Wine Vinegar, Fruit Juice, Pineapple, Madre Vieja Chillies 19%, Honey, Smoked Spanish Paprika, Lemon Juice, Salt.

Bottle kindly supplied by Simpsons Seeds

Smoked Paprika is the forefront of the scent, bringing the fruit juices closely behind, keeping a sweetness in the air. There is a pleasant sharpness that lingers on after the initial aroma has been taken. The first flavour I taste is the intense smokey paprika and the sweet pineapple juice, when this has subsided, and you swallow the smooth blended sauce, you’re left with the soft earthy taste of the Madre Vieja.

A beautiful tingle is left on the sides of your tongue and all across the insides of your lips. The vinegar really opens up the taste buds to be tantalised with the slow building heat. Not too aggressive, but notably medium

As a vegetarian, I would pair this with most barbeque situations. I feel it would be incredible to use with some southern style chicken (the sweetness would lend itself well!) I see it being used as a marinade and would fair well mixed with a little mayonnaise for a celery dip.

£4.00 for a 140ml bottle is quite frankly a steal!

I will find this sauce on almost everything I decide to eat for a while, til I run out and have to buy more.

This is currently in stock on the website, but could run out anytime due to the limited batches made.

Value (10/10)



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