Karimix – Nonya Rendang Curry Paste

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Karimix make a vast array of sauces, relishes and pastes to cover all tastes. Infusing a mix of Asian cooking styles and flavours together, they create some of the best flavours out there in the chilli world today.

This is a beautiful dark brown smooth and thick oily paste. This paste is a medium heat Smooth aroma of lime and chillies with a sweet tinge of tumeric flows straight up the nostrils. Its hard to think of this as a paste to add to a curry as I just want to eat it from the jar. So I will!

Bursting with citrus flavour, very powerful sweet ginger and kaffir immediately hits you. It has a dry feeling to it where the chillies hit the back of your throat. Obviously not meant to be eaten the way I am doing, so lets change it up a little.

After cooking off some Quorn and adding a few peppers and the Rendang curry paste, I can say that the flavour is busy. Kaffir is still the intense taste, but you can appreciate the cardamom and coriander more when cooked. The heat is also more evenly spread and not as dry. It nicely caresses the tongue whilst the cool coconut flavour tames the chilli down.


Oil, Onions, Vinegar, Water, Coriander, Salt, Cardamom, Tumeric, Chillies, Galangal, Coconut Powder, Ginger, Kaffir Leaves, Spices, Herbs.
Gluten Free, Suitable for Vegetarians.

Jar kindly supplied by Karimix

My suggestion is get it cooked in with meat or substitutes. There is no need to add anything extra to enhance the flavours, this will do it all for you. As a curry paste it is awesome, so don’t be shy to use a dollop. I can imagine this going well on beef at a BBQ as a marinade, and with any simple and easy meal, you can come up with to mix up a little asian taste. As a quick curry, perfect!

Available from their factory shop at £3.50 for the 185g jar, this is a reasonable price. You really do get what you pay for, and I’m happy with that.

Value (9/10)



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