Looking for large quantities of dried Chinese Chillies? If so China Spice could help

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China Spice is run by John Coupland and Jenny Song, and for those who are not familiar with the name, they are specialist importers of dried chinese chillies, some of which are very rare. Jenny is from Chengdu, Sichuan in China and certainly knows and loves her chillies. She is an accomplished cook and cooks many authentic traditional chinese dishes from her cooking book.


She is always keen to point out that the Chinese food that we in the west are used to, is so far removed from Authentic Chinese cooking. Most of her recipes are simple and contain at least one variety of the dried chillies they import, this is to bring out the flavour of the chilli as well as the heat.

With this in mind they have a number Chilli varieties for sale, some in larger quantities for sale at a discounted price.

These are:


Internationally probably the most recognisable Chilli from the Sichuan Province. A medium heat, full flavour with a hint of citrus.

A favourite Chilli of the Godfather of the British Chilli world, the late Chilli Pepper Pete.


This variety of chilli grows upwards, facing heaven, this is the most one most commonly used in Sichuan for the hotpot and other dishes.

Like it’s big brother (Choatian Jiao) it has a citrus overtone and very is flavoursome, but a higher heat level.

This is a good general purpose chilli. And like all the imported Chillies, they are dried in the Chinese sun to help keep a full flavour, a much better alternative to the usual machine dried Indian/Thai chillies on the market.


These are a fantastic Smokey full flavour medium heat chilli from the area around the first Emporer’s tomb and the Terracotta Army. These can come supplied in strings to hang in the kitchen, or loose.

They will keep their flavour for years and provided they are not in direct sunlight the colour will be bright for a very long time. Just pick a few off when you need them.


These Chillies are available in large quantities and are in stock now, so any prospective sauce or chilli pickle maker out there who needs a large amount can get in touch with John and Jenny at China Spice.

All three varieties are available to buy in 25kg packs for a special offer price of £175 which works out at less than £7 per kg.

Obviously they are also available in smaller quantities too, more details can be found here

For Wholesale Inquiries

China Spice
181-189 Junction Rd
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 0JW

01444 871333

07974 666767



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