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by Marty Greenwell on April 14, 2013 · 0 comments

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Mad-Ass might be relatively new to the chilli scene, but that hasn’t stopped them making a great initial impact if our bevvy of reviews is anything to go by. Today I have one of their hotter sauces, aptly named Hot Habanero.

Mad-Ass Hot HabaneroThe first thing that strikes you about this sauce is it looks fabulous. It is a deep dark mustard colour, with lots of specks of black pepper and the odd chilli seed mottled through it, standing proud in its tall 150ml bottle. With the usual Mad-Ass label styling, we are informed that this sauce is hotter than its Hot Bonnet sibling and more citrusy.

With the lid removed that fruity nose is evident but with a hint of ginger alongside it and you can see that the sauce is quite pulpy, but not overly thick. The wide neck on the bottle makes this one nice and easy to pour too.


Orange Habanero Peppers, “The Garlic Farm” Garlic, Fresh Root Ginger, Soft Brown Sugar, Lime Juice, Malt Vinegar, Rock Salt, Cayenne Pepper and Cracked Black Pepper.

Jar kindly supplied by Mad-Ass Foods

It’s time to taste a sample; the initial flavours that come through are quite sweet with a citrus hint, but it doesn’t hang around for long before the burn starts to build and makes you pull your breath in. It’s a strong burn that coats the tongue and gums, warming the back of the throat when you swallow which travels to the stomach. It lingers too leaving a pleasant after taste and a great come down; something to savour whilst you wipe your eyes and blow your now runny nose.

At £5 for the larger bottles, these represent decent value for money – Hot Habanero tastes great and has a good solid burn that challenges the Naga sauces and will definitely add a good level of heat to stir fries and soups, but if you’re feeling particularly brave, give this one a go on some ice-cream. Citrific.

Value (8/10)


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