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Here at the ChileFoundry we know everyone, and if we dont know you, then why the hell not?! Karimix have been gracing the chilli world for years. At almost every event I see them bearing fruits of their labour with glowing, smiling faces.  Colourful jars and bottles of sauces, relish and pastes surrounded by a crowd, at West Dean that was at least three people deep most of the day! Their warmth and hospitality, beautiful labels and of course the amount of love that goes into these products really is a reason to pick up a flavour and just get tasting.

This beautfully branded 185g jar holds the gorgeous Karimix ‘K’ logo in tones of purple, black and yellow, one of my favourite rebrands from them. The relish is a deep red, thick blend with seeds and bits popping out all over the place.

I am greeted with a peanutty smell first with a tomato base scent akin to bolognese. Finely chopped green peppers and garlic sit atop my spoon.  You really get a great peanut flavour as the firmness of the chopped bits sit well in the oil, thus spreading the taste.

The heat is a quick builder.  Not too aggressive, but an all over the mouth burn, anywhere the oil touches becomes alight. The flavour of the ginger plays nicely with the vinegar so its not a complete heat assault, you also get that sweet bitterness too. I’d like to say now that the flavour alone gets your mouth watering.


Onions, Vinegar, Peanuts, Sugar, Water, Oil, Tomato, Spices, Green Pepper 3%, Chilli 2.2%, Salt, Garlic, Ginger.
Gluten Free, Suitable for Vegetarians, Contains Nuts.

I would definitely suggest this as a stir fry additive. Either with Chicken, prawns and of course, Quorn or tofu as a satay with heat. Ontop of cheese on toast/toastie/cheese and relish sandwich, or as the jar suggests, by mixing with mayonnaise and adding chicken or prawns as a salad dressing.  This would also go great in a rustic mash potato, and the oil content would be ideal for a pasta bake!

Available directly from their factory shop, and Hot-headz at £3.50 for 185g of peanutty hot awesome, I would recommend this highly for the lover of hot, peanutty goodness.

Value (8/10)


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