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by David Kelly on April 10, 2013 · 1 comment

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The Mad-Ass Chilli Sauce Company was formed by three friends from Croydon who shared an enthusiasm for chillies. This enthusiasm mushroomed into a business that now sells a wide range of chilli sauces and achieved the accolade of winner in the ‘Best Super-Hot Sauce’ category at the 2012 Fiery Foods UK Festival.

All of their sauces are available in 30ml taster pots as well as standard sized 150ml bottles. A wide range of flavours and heat are available in their product range and ‘Red Mist’ is at the hotter end of their scale (rated as an 8 out of 10 rating on their website) and is their take on a West Indian hot pepper sauce.

Central on the labelling is the Mad Ass chilli pepper character, who with his opened mouth smile certainly comes across as being mad with a Dr. Evil esque grin.  The text on the 30ml jars is a little too small in parts – whilst the bold typeface used in the ingredients list is readable, other information on the small label is quite hard to read.  Nonetheless it’s an attractive labelling design which also rather uniquely has a QR code, although strangely when scanned the code only lists the product name rather than being a hyperlink to the Mad Ass website which was what I expected.


Yellow scotch bonnet, ‘The Garlic Farm’ garlic, root ginger, malt vinegar, tomatoes, lemon juice, rock salt, cracked black pepper, demerara sugar, dried chilli flakes, cayenne pepper

Jar kindly supplied by Mad Ass Chilli Sauce Company

With almost a dozen ingredients to this sauce I have to admit to wondering how well the product will taste. Opening the jar releases a pungent aroma of Scotch Bonnets mixed with scents of citrus lemon & ginger. It’s quite a fresh and inviting aroma. The sauce is rich orange colour and, putting some of the sauce on the spoon, I can see it has a mash like consistency containing chilli pulp & seeds, pieces of garlic & ginger, flecks of red chillies.

When tasting there’s a strong citrus lemon & ginger burst swiftly followed by the flavour of the Scotch Bonnets chillies and the black pepper. The warmth from the chillies comes through almost immediately warming the front of my mouth and lips but the mainstay of the kick is short lived. As the kick begins to recede, a hint of tomato flavour comes through with the garlic & lemon flavours remaining by way of aftertaste.

So how does this large array of ingredients come together – well overall, very good. Although it’s hard to make out all of the flavours from the ingredients they balance well and come together to make for a tangy, sharp, sour & slightly sweet taste – it’s a combination that certainly appeals to my tastebuds. Heat wise, whilst it’s a pleasant kick from the Scotch bonnets, I think the 8/10 heat rating advised by the company is too high compared to what is actually delivered.

I think the sauce works very well ‘neat’ and so could be used as a dip or salsa; and as for cooking, with its citrus tones it would compliment well white fish.  For me it’s a very moreish product and my 30ml taster pot doesn’t last very long, so although 30ml taster jars are available from the Mad Ass Chilli Sauce website  for £2.00, I’d favour going for the 150ml bottle available for £5.00.

Value (7/10)


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avatar Caroline Taylor April 12, 2013 at 1:11 pm

I’ve never heard of these guys before, I think the taster pots would be quite useful or good as a gift. I love the flavour of scotch bonnets so would like to give this a try.


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