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South Devon Chilli Farm have been at it for a long while, gaining national publication in all aspects of the media.  Since 2003 they’ve been captivating the chilli scene with their fresh grown produce. Rocking two farming sites between Torquay and Plymouth, their Devonshire homes grow over 10,000 chilli plants and a multitude of fruit orchards filling these delectable sauces. They also have a shop and a cafe on site, encompassing all your local chilli needs in one go! 

Chilli Jelly is never an easy subject.  Do you go for the generic idea of jelly and have it quite hard set?  Do you have bits, no bits? Smooth blended, lumpy?

In their hexagonal 227g glass jars with a figure hugging green SDCF green label packed full with everything you could possibly need to know.  I am glad to see that the Jelly is suitable for Vegans and doesn’t contain any sort of setting agents. Relying solely on careful processing gives this jelly a delightful bounciness and a smooth consistency similar to what you get when you try an american ‘Jelly’ product; slow pouring, but not runny, with enough give to hold itself on a spoon. With me so far?


Sugar, Apples (40%), Fresh Chillies (1%).

Jar kindly supplied by South Devon Chilli Farm

Sweetly orange tinged with some soft flesh pieces, this jelly smells of apples. The exact smell you would expect from an apple jelly, however, a dusky undertone of heat is present. You know you’re in for a ride when you can feel the heat in your nostrils before you even taste the product.

Rated as a ‘hot’ product, we’ll come back to that. First, lets talk flavour. Wow! sweet, ripe, flowery, Bramley apple taste, an all over spread of punchy goodness, smooth and simple. I was actually shocked when I tasted this jelly. I was expecting there to be little to no heat but don’t be fooled by the apples, they lie!

There is more than you can see with this jelly, and you swiftly find this out after it has knocked your tastebuds for six. Hot is certainly the word.  This little number wallops you right in the chops with an intense Habanero heat that burns slowly in the background afterwards. What else could you want from an apple chilli jelly? Its warming, sweet, full flavoured and smooth.

“The new best thing with pork!” is certainly a phrase from the jar I would have to agree with. Instead of your normal apple sauce with your meats, give this a try. In a hog roast with crackling would be amazing, couscous is also another idea for taste. I personally would have this with felafels for a richer, warmer flavour. As a hot replacement for the Peanut butter/jelly idea, and on top of ice cream for definite. I’d give it a go on just about anything to be honest!

Priced at £3.57 on their own shop website, this will last a while as its bursting with flavours and a heat that keeps going!

Value (8/10)



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