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Twisted 7 sauces are a fairly new company on the chilli scene, they appeared at FFUK in Brighton last year, entering the Amateur Sauce competition as many established companies once did. They have a range of 7 main sauces, a chilli mint jelly and a chilli cranberry sauce. We will be reviewing them all in due course. Here we have their Hellbelly sauce  which was the first sauce they created.

HellbellyThe sauces are available in a fairly standard sized 100ml bottle or as a 20ml sample. The bottles have nicely designed labels with a predominately black label and fiery image which is a different colour on each bottle. The Twisted 7 logo is eye catching too. On the side of the label is a familiar chilli ‘heatometer’, 5 being the maximum, this comes in at 3.5.

Looking through the glass the sauce is a fairly standard orangey red colour and appears to be quite thick, which is a good thing as too many sauces are very runny. There are no thickeners in this sauce either. The sauce contains Scotch Bonnets & Jalapenos and it is good to see on the label that they pride themselves on sourcing local ingredients, if they cannot get them locally then they use UK produce which is great to hear.


Scotch Bonnet Chillies 41%, Jalapeno Chillies 10%, Passionfruit Juice 23%, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt

Bottle kindly supplied by Twisted 7 Sauces

Upon opening the bottle I can immediately smell Scotch Bonnets, not surprising as they are the main ingredient at 41%. The sauce is nice but pours well and has a good texture, it is not pureed to within an inch of its life, there are some seeds present but not too many, seeds are OK in a sauce as long as they have been softened in the cooking process. There’s nothing worse than biting on a hard seed.

As soon as the sauce hits my mouth I taste the chilli, but can also pick out the sweetness of the passion fruit juice and sugar, but don’t get me wrong, this is no sweet chilli sauce! The burn is good and lasts but does not overpower the flavour.

It’s great to see an ingredients list with a handful of ingredients, and as the company puts it “kept simple and uncomplicated so that you can taste the real chilli and feel the burn!”

You can buy this from the Twisted 7 website for £4.49 plus postage or buy the range of 7 for £30. This may seem expensive to some but high percentage chilli content sauces will always be more especially sourcing UK Chillies.

Value (6/10)



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