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In the UK we are certainly up against it trying to grow chillies, with our unpredictable weather. The majority of chilli growers are situated in the South of the UK where the weather is generally slightly better. There is at least one exception, and that’s Chillilicious based just South of Dundee in Scotland who have their own Chilli farm. The company is run by mother and daughter team, Patricia and Stacey Galfskiy. They create some great chilli themed glass work and craft items as well as their chilli sauces, chutneys and for this review, their Chilli & Coriander Oatcakes.We featured the company recently in an article here.

Oatcakes2So here I have the Oatcakes for review. These are a welcome change from the usual product we review. Oatcakes are a traditional product to various areas of the UK including Scotland where they are made on a “girdle” or by baking rounds of oatmeal on a tray. If the rounds are large, they are sliced into “farls” before baking. Oats are one of the few grains which grow well in the north of Scotland and were, until the 20th century, the staple grain used.

Scottish soldiers in the 14th century carried a metal plate and a sack of oatmeal. According to contemporary accounts, one would heat the plate over fire, moisten a bit of oatmeal and make a cake to “comfort his stomach. Hence it is no marvel that the Scots should be able to make longer marches than other men.

So back to the product in hand, these are packaged in clear plastic with a simple label containing all the necessary information. The 290g pack contains 5 generously sized round Oatcakes. They look great with clearly visible pieces of red chilli which has leaked it’s colour into the cake. There are also clearly visible coriander seeds, which is reassuring as these are the two main flavourings!


Oatmeal, Wheat, Flour, Margarine, Water, Sugar, Salt, Baking Soda, Chillies 2%, Coriander 2%

Pack kindly supplied by Chillilicious

OatcakesAlthough these are called “Cakes” they are meant to be more of a cracker type texture and can be eaten at breakfast as an alternative to toast but can be served with soups and other savoury dishes. I am wondering what they would be like with melted cheese on top!

The texture is light, nice and crumbly and I get the oat flavour first followed by the coriander and chilli at the same time. The chill heat is nice and builds slightly, nicely warming and I can imagine dipping these in a hearty stew or soup.

You get 5 good size cakes and at £1.95 these are excellent value.

Available direct from the Chillilicious website or at various food events and chilli festivals this summer.

Value (10/10)

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