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This is a reviewing first for me, it has to be said, and what is that you might wonder? Well I have never reviewed a Chilli Sauce which has it’s own Facebook fan page before, called The Megalodon Appreciation Society! This is a sauce with a fearsome reputation, so lets see what the fuss is all about, the Megalodon from the Upton Cheyney Chilli Company

This sauce is somewhat different from other sauces in the Upton Cheyney range and is by far their hottest, being made with 7 Pot Chillies. The creation of this sauce is somewhat of a team effort. The sauce recipe was created by the brain of Matt Simpson of Simpsons Seeds, the Chillies are grown by Alex on his Chilli Farm, the sauce is made by Louise Duck and the fantastic artwork on the label was created by Becky Hamblin of Bath Pig fame.

The sauce is named after the Megalodon giant shark which grew to nearly 20 metres in length, and became extinct some 20 million years ago. The word Megalodon means “Big Tooth” and the label artwork on the bottle shows these teeth. The label wording is very tongue in cheek but has a warning that it is a super hot sauce.


Red Onions, Sugar, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt, Mango, Honey, Orange Juice, Blood Orange Juice, Elderberry Juice, 7 Pot Habanero Chillies

Bottle purchased from Upton Cheyney Chilli Company

This is quite a runny sauce and going by the ingredients list, a sweet sauce, and also mango based with added fruit juices, how many of my 5 a day will I get for trying this I wonder?

Upon removing the lid carefully, I cant see any shark teeth inside which is a relief but I can see liquid gold within. There is no mistaking the fruity 7 Pot aroma. I was advised to pour a full teaspoon so that’s what I will do, how hard will the Megalodon bite?

The heat hits instantly, luckily I was prepared for it, which gives an all round mouth and throat burn but still allows the sweetness to fight it’s way through. The red onions give a little balance to all the sweet ingredients. My saliva glands start to go into overdrive, which always happens with 7 Pots for some reason!

Megalodon can be used on anything really, and if you visit the facebook group you will see that people have been experimenting adding it to allsorts. In summary, this sauce is tasty, and hot, but a natural heat. Half the bottle is gone already and I’m hoping that unlike it’s namesake, Megalodon does not become extinct anytime soon!

As they say in the West Country, it’s Gert Lush.

You can buy from the Upton Cheyney Chilli Company for £4.00 but is included in their 3 for £10 deal too.

Value (7/10)

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