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Edible Ornamentals are primarily known for their Chilli growing prowess, however they do also have a nice range of sauces which are handmade on site at their Nursery in Chawston. These are made by Dan, who is in Jo’s words their “Chief Sauceror”. He has made the sauces, marmalades and relishes but felt that there should be something a little hotter in the range, so “Dan’s Hot Sauce” was born!

Although named as a sauce, the contents of the jar look more like a relish or chutney than a sauce but we will see. The jar is 110g in size and has a simple label on the front which has basic printing, the title is in a yellowy green coloured font which is not easy to read on the white background. The statement underneath says “Only to be sold to the extremely brave” so I cannot say I haven’t been warned! This label is very different to the other products Edible Ornamentals, and I think would benefit from the same better quality label. (This may have been changed since we received the product)

Once open, I can smell the tomatoes and onions with a slight hint of vinegar. The texture is very chunky, stirring it with the spoon shows chunks of tomato, chilli seeds and I assume chilli flesh. At first it reminds me in appearance to the well known tomato salsas sold with tortilla chips.


Tomatoes, Chillies, Vinegar, Onions, Sugar, Garlic, Salt

Jar kindly supplied by Edible Ornamentals

So on to the taste,  I get a small amount on the spoon, heeding the warning on the label, I immediately get juicy tomatoes, and then a strong chilli kick which is almost instant too. The label does not say which chillies are used but I would say it is more than one variety.

The mantra of a good chilli product should be a heat/flavour balance and this has achieved it, the flavour is always there and remains as the burn fades.

Now returning to the name, I wouldn’t class this as a sauce. I would class this as a relish or salsa, something to dip crisps in or to add to a burger. This jar has been sat on my table for a few weeks waiting for me to get round to writing the review, and as I sit here writing the review I realise that the jar is almost empty!  I have been adding it to things without realising. The sign of a good chilli product.

I would recommend this be used when making nachos or just as a dip, also it would be great in a bigger jar. It’s not necessarily what I would class as a sauce but that’s a minor point.

Dan’s Hot Sauce is available from the Edible Ornamentals website for £3.75 or from the many events/farmers markets these guys will be attending this year. I will be grabbing another jar as soon as I can!

Value (8/10)

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