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If there is one thing to say about Matt Simpson of Simpson’s Seeds, it is the wealth of amusing and inventive names he comes up with like Sillius Soddus, Horny Goat and Fruity Frog He has some of the funniest named sauces around, and here we have 7-Potty, which is a clever play on words about the Chilli used and suggests the heat level is only for those who are slightly ‘Potty’. Matt makes small batches of his sauces so the range available does vary, but he always seems to come up with one or two new ‘specials’ for each chilli event.

Typically with all Simpson’s Seeds sauces, the label is simple in design, a white background with black text, but it is something I like, the label can sometimes make a product look a lot better than it is with lots of shiny designs. Matt is a great advocate for taste and flavour over extreme heat and generally speaking does not make his sauces overly hot, so what will 7-Potty bring?

Looking through the glass I can see a deep, rich orangy red liquid within, the odd seed but otherwise quite smooth in texture.

Opening the bottle, I get a very fruity aroma, not surprising really considering the main ingredient is fruit juice. I get the distinctive 7 Pot fragrance coming through and a hint of the red wine vinegar.


Fruit Juice, Onions, Red Wine Vinegar, Pineapple, 7 Pot Habanero Chillies (17%), Lime Juice, Salt.

Bottle kindly supplied by Simpson’s Seeds

So how does it taste? Pouring out the obligatory teaspoon worth into the palm of my hand, I transfer to my mouth and am immediately hit with a lovely sweetness, but not overly sweet. This is interesting as there is no added sugar here, just fruit juice and pineapple. The sweetness is very quickly followed by the 7 Pot burn. As I move the sauce around my mouth, the burn encompasses my tongue, cheeks, roof of the mouth and the throat as I swallow it. My saliva glands go into overdrive which is something that only 7 Pots seem to achieve! There is tonnes of fruity flavour to balance that heat though

The burn lingers for a while but is never extreme, although the heat would defeat someone not initiated with chillies, luckily I am. In fact Matt has put a warning on the bottle “Very Very Hot Chilli Sauce! Be warned!!!!!!!” which is right if you are used to tasting his other sauces as this is a jump in the heat level.

In conclusion, another tasty hot sauce from Mr Simpson. As mentioned above, the range of sauces Matt has in stock does vary, some are available on his website for £4 plus postage. The best place to buy his sauces however is at one the various Chilli Festivals this summer.

Value (7/10)


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