Hot-Headz – Tunisian Hot Chilli Sauce Harissa

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on February 5, 2013 · 0 comments

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Booya chilli heads, Scooby’s back with another review to get you salivating and the belly rumbling. So lets not waste any time and jump straight in with………..(Imagine drumroll)……….Tunisian Hot Chilli Sauce Harissa all the way from the man himself, STU!!! from

The product has the usual tasteful style, the label with its dark background and silver Hot-Headz stamp which lets the fiery sunset glow product name shine through. Looking at the back of the 175ml jar you can see an oily dark roasted red pepper colour paste. The odd seed floating about helping show how smooth in texture it is.

Out comes the nose (Yes I know its big enough that I don’t need to move it that far). Immediately I am greeted with a tomato puree aroma. Nostrils tingling with a slight chilli waft.


Red peppers, Tomato puree, Rape seed oil, Piri piri chillies, Ground cayenne pepper, Salt, Garlic puree, Spices, Fruit juice concentrate, Ground coriander

Nice and simple with the ingredients, so lets have a taste and see where we go from here.

BOOOOM, Immediately I am hit with a burn, not a crazy crazy burn but definitely enough to wake you and get the taste buds firing on most cylinders. The puree gives this paste the feel and taste of a spag bol sauce with a punch.

To me, this tasting like a spag bol sauce is not a bad thing at all. It tastes amazing. The blend of spices and heat are perfect and nothing needs changing. Any hotter and I think this product would die, any milder and again I don’t feel it would work as well. Stuart has given this a 3/5 for its heat level and I agree with that, at least pushing towards a 4/5 for this style of product. Reading the label it states, to be added to meat, fish, stews etc or stirred through cous cous or rice???? I can taste that already and can imagine it being a real winner.

I strongly recommend grabbing one of these from Hot-Headz right now and at a price of £2.99 is crazy cheap. You will probably get 3 to 4 decent meals out of this. I cannot see you adding the whole thing, but hey there is bound to be some people that will hahaha.

So until next time guys, remember, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out.

Value (9/10)


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