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Boasting this as their first sauce, its no wonder these guys have become very popular.  Very passionate about what they do, and keen to use what the Great British Isles have to offer. Matthew, Tony and Dave of Mad-Ass Chilli Sauce Co create such a diverse range of sauces for all kinds of heats and palates. Relatively new on the scene, but in no way unnoticed! 2012 brought them an award at the Fiery Foods UK Festival!

mad ass hot bonnetAs with all of their sauces, they come in 30ml jars or 150ml bottles, both excellent quality with their labels. The 30ml bottles are sometimes difficult to read with such small text, but the different flame colourings help you get a handle on flavours, distinguishing them from some other brands.

The Hot Bonnet is a well blended, thick, deep orange sauce with occasional tell tale seeds and peppercorns swimming about inside the jar. The initial scent is the unavoidable scotch bonnet. That bittersweet fruity smell that you know can bring seconds of sweet flavour followed by some pain. You also receive a salty undertone and a very subtle garlic hit.


Red Scotch Bonnet Chillies, “The Garlic Farm” Garlic, Root Ginger, Lime Juice, Soft Brown Sugar, Malt Vinegar, Rock Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Cracked Black Pepper.

Wow!  I am surprised by the flavour. The immediate taste to me is ginger. It doesn’t last long before the Scotch bonnet sweetness jumps in, followed by the intense growth of heat all around the mouth, on the lips and back of the throat. There is no vinegary aftertaste, no bitterness. It is a subtley sweet sauce that grows with heat the more you have. All the flavour with no nasty shocks!

Bottle kindly supplied by Mad-Ass Chilli Sauce Company

How would you use this sauce? Well, I would use it as a dipping sauce for crudites, as an addition to anything you want to become hotter without losing flavour. I would add it to chilli dishes; cold or hot. Try it with mayonnaise to create a spicy dip for tortillas. Give a dash of this to a stir fry, or liven up a steak with a light glaze of this on the top. Possibilities are endless.  Available from their website  for a meagre £2.00 for the 30ml and £5.00 for the 150ml you’d be insane not to try it!

Value (9/10)


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