Mr Vikki’s – Chilli Jam

by Marty Greenwell on January 31, 2013

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There must be something special in the water in the Lake District, because it doesn’t seem to matter what Mr Vikki’s turn their hand to, the products are always something special, in appearance, smell and taste.

Today I have the pleasure of sampling Mr Vikki’s Chilli jam, a Great Taste Gold award winner, rated three red chilli’s on his scale it doesn’t pack the heat of the legendary King Naga, but on your toast at breakfast time, it gives a happy heat start to the day.


Red peppers, fresh tomatoes, onions, British sugar, vinegar, garlic, Habanero chillies 5%, spices, mustard, salt, Naga chillies 1%.

The jam comes in Mr Vikki’s usual hexagonal jars (the best shape for the most efficient storage) and is a nice invitingly deep red colour, which screams eat me. There are plenty of flecks visible through the glass, including some big garlic flakes along with a few chilli seeds.

The jam doesn’t emit that much of an aroma once the lid is off, but with a heaped spoonful ready to munch on, you’re in for a sensational taste journey.

Initially you can taste the sweetness of the jam but as you chew, the aniseed flavour from fennel seeds gets released, along with the bitterness of the garlic. Then the heat of the chillies builds up giving a pleasurable mouth burn, it’s a mild to middling heat. It’s so moreish that it’s impossible not to want another spoonful.

There are so many uses for this jam it would be daft to just have it on toast – it’ll work lovely in boiled rice or with a good cheese board, but know this – once you try Mr Vikki’s Chilli Jam, it’ll be the start of an addiction, as it’s that tasty. Highly recommended and at £3.50 it’s a bargain.

Jar kindly supplied by Mr Vikki’s

Value (8/10)

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