The Dorset Naga Challenge 2013 from Seaspring Seeds

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Joy from Seaspring Seeds has been in touch to draw our attention to their challenge they are running with their world famous Chilli variety, the Dorset Naga. Now everyone wants the best yeild from their Chilli plants but can you beat Joy and Michael?

Heres Joy to explain all:

THE CHALLENGE: How many chillies can YOU grow on one Dorset Naga plant?

In 2011 we picked 781 chillies off the Dorset Naga plant at the bottom of the page, and last year we counted 766 chillies on another plant (see video below).

But we think we can do better.

This year we are aiming for 1,000 ripe chillies!

We will grow our plant in a large pot using peat-free municipal compost. It will be kept well watered and given plenty of fertiliser. The plant will have as much natural light as possible and be kept in warm conditions throughout its life – heated greenhouse when young, then in a polytunnel from April onwards. Can we get a thousand chillies on one plant? We will see.

Can you do better?


We challenge all chilli growers to see who can get the most red chillies off one Dorset Naga plant. The winner will get £15 worth of seeds. BUT if you get more chillies on your plant than we do we will double the prize to £30 of seed.

The plant can be grown from seed or a plug plant, but it MUST be a Dorset Naga, so if you didn’t get the seed from us you will have to tell us where the seed came from, and convince us it really is Dorset Naga (there are a lot of fakes around). Older plants, i.e. ones that are more than a year old are not accepted in the challenge.

Any growing method can be used, i.e. it can be grown hydroponically, in a pot or in the ground. Fruit can be picked regularly, or all at the end of the season.

This competition is based on trust. Keep records, take photos, do a video.

End date is 15th November 2013.


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