African Volcano – Peri Peri Marinade (Hot Version)

by Chris Whitehouse on January 23, 2013 · 1 comment

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Here we have another exclusive new product from award winning master chef Grant Hawthorne, African Volcano Peri Peri marinade, this is paired with the earlier Sauce version reviewed by Rob House.

I know it’s nearly the end of January but I’ll start off with saying ‘Happy New Year’ as its my first review of 2013.

After doing a bit of research of Grant and his sauces, the first thing that caught my attention is that he has won numerous gold great taste awards, Im very eager to try this now and also tells me he is passionate and focused about his products.

It has an interesting appearance, at a glance I would call it a sauce lava lamp as its clear that the oil separates away from the other ingrediants which why I think it has a lava lamp look, but a good old shake will sort that out.

Oil is a key ingredient when making marinades as it aids the binding of ingredients to your chosen food, but not only that, it assists in browning and crisping meats. The bottle is a whopping 240g so if you are feeding the 5000, you are sure to have plenty left for your summer bbq.

The label is very simple, but has a different vibe than your day to day sauces, with a sketch of a volcano at the top, underneath you have 2 stripes of yellow and green, with the company and marinade name centred within it.

Ingredients :

Fresh chilli 3%; olive oil 11%; white wine; 28%; garlic 11% and other seasonings & ingredients. No preservatives.

The text is a little small and maybe hard to read if you have bad eyesight like me. Three red chillies glow on the front boasting the strength with the words ‘feel the African heat’ on top. It does have an African aura, but mainly from the colours.

Out of generosity, 30p of every bottle sold will be donated to the ‘Habitat of humanity’ South African charity, this is also displayed at the bottom of the label. Nice to see folk with a generous heart.

The smell is very inviting with rich aromas. Garlic is one of the most dominant ingredients pulling through. Comparing it to other peri peri marinades i.e nando’s, this is definately more exciting and doesn’t have that bland supermarket scent to it.

I have cooked with it, used it as a sauce, dipped my chips in it, spilt it, you name it. Whatever you pour it on, sure livens things up.

With it containing 11% olive oil, it is slightly on the runny side so be careful when pouring, I’m sure your not going to be that bothered if a bit more than expected drips out, more sauce more flavour.

I finally got me some chicken wings to accompany it, when eating, the skin was very crispy and had a rich garlicky taste, with a nice medium heat which didn’t build but conducted well within the chicken, the white wine gives it an ever so slightly sweetness which is quite pleasant to the palate.

The flavours are really charming and the heat has just the right balance alongside the ingredients which delivers it’s authentic characteristics. It pimps out your burps real for sure (hope that didnt put you off). I’m sure you can find more interesting recipes to play with, you can browse the African Volcano site for some of Grants own recipes.

One of them being pulled pork on peri peri bap, sounds tasty, eh? I highly recommend this if your a fan of peri peri as the chefs approach to detail in taste shines through and gives your everyday shop bought marinade a run for its money,although it being slightly more expensive, you can purchase this and a sauce version for £6.50 each plus shipping. International shipping available too, but has to be arranged first.

Value (7.5/10)




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avatar Ivor January 23, 2013 at 9:00 am

Great review,

i have added the products from African Volcano to my list of chilli things to try 🙂


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