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The Chipotle (Smoke-dried jalapeno) originates from Mexico and is enjoyed with numerous Mexican dishes. Because of the delish smoked flavour it expanded and now very popular across the globe, especially in the US. Most of the chipotles found in the US tend to be the morita variety. The flesh is thick they have some heat ranging from 3,000-10,000 SHU and have a very distinctive Smokey flavour with tobacco hints. Mainly used in cooking, or added to salsa to make spicy dips, like me I eat them raw for an earthy snack. Alternatively you can do what Jamie Sythes from The Wiltshire Chilli farm  has done.  

Ingredients :

Salt, Chipotle (smoked jalapeno), Garlic

Assembled and combine it with 2 simple ingredients, which some of us consume on a day to day basis. Those ingredients would be garlic and sea-salt. Pop those 3 inside a plastic hand grinder and you have yourself a spice infused condiment which you can use pretty much on anything you desire. Garlic, chilli and salt will go hand in hand with most meals, dinners and snacks.

The label has a black background with the Wiltshire chilli farm logo in white placed at the top, with CHIPOTLE CHILLI SALT in a nice warm orange colour which works quite nicely with the image of the chilli plant creeping in from the right.

I have applied this to every meal and what a great alternative to standard table salt. The prominent flavours are the garlic and sea-salt which over power the smokiness emitted from the chipotles. After a few days I found a little knack to this. Without totally grinding it, rotate it to the left and right, you tend to see more of the chipotle plunge from the grinder, 1-0 to me 😀

Although the heat is on the milder side, the flavours are well balanced. Why not try it on steak as a marinade? Honestly you can christen any meal with this and you won’t be disappointed, chips, soups and chicken are just a few examples. Also the coarseness is adjustable, pull the top up for a coarse grind or push the top up for a finer grind, so you have control of the amount sprinkled on your plate.

The price is £4 for 65g, but if anything else tickles your fancy from the online store, you can purchase 3 items for £10 which is a reasonable price. The Wiltshire chilli farm have a great range of sauces and jams and im certain you will find more than 3 that you will add to your basket.

Value (7/10)


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