Mr Vikki’s – Red Sweet Jalapeno Chilli sauce (RSJ)

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When it comes to producing authentic chilli based products, there are few people doing it better than Mr Vikki’s  aka Adam Marks. He makes all sorts of Indian and Thai fusion products, and here we have an authentic Thai sweet chilli sauce. There are plenty of sweet chilli sauces available including the mass produced stuff you will find on the supermarket shelves, and unlike those particular products you won’t find any artificial additives in Mr Vikki’s sauces.

They don’t need additives as the majority of his sauces and other products only comprise a handful of ingredients and this “RSJ” is no different. The sauce is a deep red, and not because of the usual tomato base associated with Chilli Sauces. Here we have 50% Red Jalapenos as the primary ingredient and there are quite a few of the seeds visible, something in common with the supermarket sweet chilli sauces.

Opening the bottle you can smell the sweetness, and the very aromatic aroma of the spices which are not specified on the label and the garlic, it gets the tastebuds watering! I wish I had some prawn crackers handy to dip but i dont so a spoon will have to do.

The sauce has a consistancy of runny jam, and slightly thicker than others of this type but that’s no bad thing as it helps to stop the enevitable spillage down the white shirt! I can detect a lot going on with the flavour, and although it doesn’t mention it, Im sure I can taste Lemon Grass in there somewhere. Im also pleasantly surprised by the heat level, with 50% red jalapenos I was expecting something too fiery but the heat level is just right.

Ingredients :

Red Jalapenos 50%, Sugar, Garlic, Salt, Spices, Lemon

Bottle kindly supplied by Mr Vikki’s

The heat and flavour from this sauce hangs around for quite a while, and leaves me craving some thai fish cakes or red thai curry. A 140ml bottle is available from the website priced at £4 so go grab a bottle!

Value (7/10)


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