2 Christmas Specials from The Chilli Pepper Company

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Ged Fowler, owner, grower, sauce maker and purveyer of pure pain at The Chilli Pepper Company  has been in touch with Chilefoundry for us to tell you about two Christmas specials he has available for a limited time.

Firstly we have the following new product which is very limited edition;

Triple XXL is an EXTREME special Limited Edition Hot Chilli Powder

Very hot chilli pepper powder blended from some of the hottest and rarest dried pods known to man. This special blend contains ONLY – 7pot, 7pot Barrackpore, 7pot Primo, Bhut Jolokia, Big Bang Chocolate Naga, Black Naga, Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, Orange Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Trinidad Douglah, Trinidad Moruga Blend and Brain Strain. We use a special drying process to maintain full taste.

8g of ultimate Pain £3.00

It is available from The Chilli Pepper Company website now

We at Chilefoundry haven’t tasted it, but if it is anything like a lot of Ged’s other products then it will certainly pack a punch!


And next we have an old favourite of ours;

16 million SHU Capsaicin Crystal in a 0.4g vial.

As a special offer Ged is selling this tube of evil crystal on a multi-buy offer.

Available for £12.00 but for a limited period, Buy 3 and get one free

Ged has sold this for quite a while, and it is still legal to buy and sell it in the UK. This is sold purely as a collectors item, 0.4g of pure Capsaicin. It is only soluble in alcohol, and there are plenty of warnings on the website warning of consuming this stuff. But no one in their right mind would drink vodka with this stuff in it, would they? surely not….hang on there is someone….take a look at one of our favourite Chilefoundry videos with Darth Naga….

This stuff will be banned at some point so another ideal stocking filler for that special Chilli Head.

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