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Matt Simpson of Simpson’s Seeds is growing in reputation as a sauce maker in his own right. Primarily selling Chilli and Tomato seeds, Matt started to branch out into sauces and now has many different recipes under his belt. Some are very limited runs, and some are available for longer depending on sales. Also it seems that at every event/festival that Matt attends, he has at least one new sauce produced for the event. For example the “Jubilee Rocker” to celebrate the Queeens Diamond Jubilee or the “Upton Devil” sold at this years Upton Cheyney Chilli Festival.

Most sauce makers you speak to will mention the flavour/heat balance but Matt tends to concentrate on flavour first, heat second in the majority of his sauces. That’s not to say that his sauces do not contain heat, because they do, you only have to look to his “7 Potty” sauce to see that ( a review coming shortly)

Here we have “Lemon Curse”, a sauce made with Lemon drop chillies, or Aji Lemon as they are otherwise known. This particular chilli has citrusy notes to it, hence the name and it happpens to be the same colour as a lemon!

The Simpson’s Seeds Sauces labels all look very similar and simple, there’s no glossy shiny stickers here to take the attention away from the sauce. I like the simplicity, plain white with black type. They add a quirky side to the sauce and anyone that knows Matt will testify to his quirkiness!

Ingredients :

Cider Wine Vinegar, Fruit Juice, Onion, Sugar, Grapefruit, Honey, Lemon Drop Chillies 20%, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper, Salt

Bottle kindly supplied by Simpson’s Seeds.

Looking through the glass bottle, the sauce is an olive colour with seeds and black flecks clearly visible. I open the bottle and take a good sniff, I am greeted by a sweet fruity aroma, mainly due to the sugar, honey and grapefruit contained in the sauce. The liquid pours nicely into my hand and on to my tongue. I can taste the grapefruit but it does not overpower, and I get the sourness of the lemon juice and a nice warmth of the Lemon Drop chillies. It’s a nice warming heat and again does not overpower the other flavours.

The main other ingredient I can easily taste is the black pepper, I saw it in the sauce and on the ingredients list and was a little concerned about how it would work with the fruity flavours but it does work really well and adds another depth to the sauce. They say that Strawberries and black pepper are a great combination so I shouldn’t be surprised.

This is a very pleasant sweet sauce, but with savoury tones. I can see this working well as a marinade for Chicken.

The sauce is made in small batches, and as with a lot of Matt’s other sauces is subject to availability. If you can get hold of a bottle then I would say go for it!

Please check Simpson’s Seeds website  for availability, all Matt’s sauces are £4 or 3 for £10

Value (8/10)


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