Bath’s Annual Christmas Market – A Chilli Lovers Dream

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Well winter is here, we’ve had huge floods, frost, some snow earlier this month, and more is likely to come, so what should we do in these times? Many folk would think that a nice hot bath is a good idea, and to honest I would normally agree with them, but there is an alternative. The Roman City of Bath’s annual (and rather wonderful) Christmas Market has begun and runs to the 9th December.

This year there is extra chilli fun going on, in the main area there is the well known Upton Cheyney Chilli Co, who range of chilli sauces, chocolates have received some fantastic reviews here on the Chile foundry. Its also the last chance to snag a bottle of the ‘Megalodon’, not only does this sauce boast the best ever label design, (by Becky Hamblin) its one of the best tasting naturally hot sauces, being 7-Pot based.

Very close to them is the Bath Pig, whose Chorizo and sausage products are mouth wateringly wonderful. It’s also (maybe) the only sauce to have its own appreciation society on facebook

Should you head up into the town, there is a new extension to the market, into Milsom Place, where there are more chilli delights,

Matt Simpson of Simpson’s Seeds will be there, from Thursday 29thNovember to Sun December 2nd, and has made a special range of limited edition sauces for the market, 3 of them have a Roman theme,

The mildest one, ‘Centurion’, and then its gets hotter with ‘Gladiator’ and ends with ’Sillius Soddus’! Who said Monty Pythons Life of Brian was not a good history teacher!!

There are a few other specials including ‘Mellow Cello’, ‘Jalabanero’, and the award winning ‘Horny Goat’, which is now available with or without garlic. It’s also a first time outing for the ‘Fruity frog’, and the very popular ‘Lemon Curse’ makes a return, hotter still is Peachy Peachy, a combination of the Peach Habanero and well, peaches.

Finally, as it’s the season to be cheery, Matt has made the ‘End of the World’, a hot one, made with a mixture of Fatali Habanero and Dorset Naga. This level of heat is a bit of a departure for him, as his motto is ‘Putting flavour first’.

The market also features The Chilli Hut, a new chilli emporium which has just opened in the city, see earlier article for details, so it sounds like if you are lucky enough to live in that part of the world, then the Market is the place to go for lots of chilli treats

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