**Snack Jockey’s Quest for Fancy Cardboard Packaging** – a Kickstarter Appeal

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Here at Chilefoundry, we are all for promoting new ideas and innovation in the Chilli world and there seems to be no shortage of expertise in this area. One avenue which can help, is Kickstarter.com, a funding platform for funding creative projects. We have featured a Kickstarter project before but this appeal is from Snack Jockey Foods 

Anjers De Moneg, owner of the company has created a cardboard packaging solution for their speciality range of peanut butters and here is more detail about his project in his own words;

“The Nutter Butter Triple Pack, is a funky looking, tongue-in-cheek, big kid oriented multipack of our speciality peanut butters, designed specifically for novelty/gift retailers and spicy food specialists. The packs will retail for £20, and will put a big silly smile on the face of anyone receiving one!

The carton will contain 3 x 300g jars of Nutter Butter (UK name only) – our chilli honey variety, in Mild, Regular & Hellfire heat variations. The back of the packs are done in the style of a kids puzzle book or comic annual, and feature a crossword puzzle (which can actually be completed!), maze and joke corner.

We have recently had our products taken on by a very well known U.K based online gift retailer, and they will be hitting the shelves in December. They have also confirmed they will take stock of this item as soon as it becomes available. Several other U.K gift shops are also eager to take stock of this product, along side our existing stockists in East Sussex, and we estimate initial sales of these to fall between 100 – 200 packs between Jan & Feb 2013.

The only thing holding up production, is the cost of the cardboard multipacks themselves, which have to be bought in very large quantities to make them affordable. As we’re a small independent company with not much capital, it would mean having to wait a bit longer than we’d like before we could launch this product ourselves, which is why we decided to do this Kickstarter campaign.

So far, we’ve managed to create our entire product range from scratch, without any funding from banks, and we hope to keep it that way! The only financial investment we’ve ever taken has been from family members who wanted us to succeed. Being a part of the 1st wave of Kickstarter campaigns to launch from the U.K is really exciting, as we have watched with admiration at the success and ingenuity of the U.S led ones, and have been counting the days till we could do one ourselves.

It means a great deal to us, to involve the people who already buy our products and support us in our business ambitions, and hopefully we can gain new recognition in the process. We wholeheartedly believe that community based funding is the future for all small businesses looking to get a leg up, and we’re quite proud to be a part of the revolution!

Anyone who takes a glance at our artwork will notice the awesome ingredient characters we had designed exclusively for us by the amazing Dean Murray. Our heavy metal aficionado marshmallow character ‘Mr Moshmallow’ is the basis for our limited edition foam rubber keyring, and will be available as part of the rewards also.

All the groundwork has been laid before seeking funds, and the risks as we see them, are minimal. We have a steady stream of orders for our peanut butter, and the pack contents are more or less always in stock. So content supply isn’t an issue.

Once the cardboard manufacturers have been paid, we should receive 5000 cartons within a fortnight, which if our campaign is successful, should be around the middle of January.

Our biggest concern is simply with receiving the cartons in a timely fashion. as the aftermath of Christmas is notorious for delays. To avoid disappointment, we have estimated delivery of completed multipack rewards for Feburary, although we are hoping it’d be by the end of January”

And here is the promotional video to accompany the appeal

As with other kickstarter projects, they only have a limited time to reach their target of £8640 in just under a month from now. Depending on how much you pledge towards the project, you will receive something back. The pledge levels start at £1 and go up to £50 (or more) where you get a completed set with personalised labels.

I think these sort of things should be encouraged, not everyone has the opportunity to get on Dragons Den so here’s the next best thing and if you pledge you can get some satifaction knowing you have helped out a UK small producer.

Here is the direct link to the campaign for you to pledge whatever you can

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