Trailhead – Sh.. it’s Hot Beef Jerky

by Chris Whitehouse on November 24, 2012 · 0 comments

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Got Beef?  In the past year or so, some of the UK folk have raised the bar in creating the tastiest jerky in my opinion, using the best quality British beef, fresh chilli and the finest blends of spices. Original Jerky London proved they have the beefy skills by creating ‘Original Dragons Blood Jerky’ using one of Chilli Pepper Pete’s bestselling sauces. So can Trailhead prove they have the X-factor? Just browsing their site makes my taste buds dance around like a monkey in a hot bath.

Talking about being passionate!! Trailhead have travelled many miles around the globe, flying across the tallest mountains fulfilling many of their dreams. When returning home to the UK they decide to create ‘jerky’ that captured the different cultures and experiences shared together. I’m also guessing that’s how they acquired the brand name ‘Trailhead’.

Their website clearly explains how they use the fresh and finest cuts and homemade marinades. Original, smoked, chipotle, BBQ and hot, these are just a few to mention on what they have to offer. Visit the website for more selection of products.

In this review I sample the hottest they have available ‘Sh.. it’s Hot Jerky’ using  XXX Hot Naga Jolokia.

Snuggled in this foiled fresh bag, lies what could be the hottest jerky in town? It even claims to have made grown men cry! I’m starting to feel a little worried. Not only that, I take a peek inside the bag and can visibly see Naga flake floating at the bottom of the packet, alongside the spices. I’m sensing a tasty, hot ride ahead of me.


Beef, Pepper, Onion powder, Garlic powder, Brown sugar, NAGA JOLOKIA, Naga pickle, Cayenne Pepper, CELERY Salt, Water, Spices, Worcester sauce, (Malt Vinegar, (From Barley)  Spirit Vinegar, Molasses, Sugar, Salt, Anchovies (fish) Tamarind Extract, Onion, Garlic, Spices) Soy sauce (water, Salt, SOY bean, WHEAT flour) 

When I opened the bag a whoosh of naga hits me like a punch from a heavyweight boxer. The strong scent was very hearty accompanied by a sweet garlic and onion aroma with piquancy from other spices.

The beef was chewier than I expected, but the flavours were immense with a medium/hot ghost pepper burn. Slightly sweet, not as hot as I thought, but did build to a comfortable all round heat. This focused mainly on the tongue. It didn’t really attack my throat as I imagined it to.

The great thing is that you can really taste the other spices, not being too over powered by the great’n’mighty naga. As I finish the packet was gutted there wasn’t another 100 grams looking back at me (maybe a bad idea as it could wind my ass into retirement).

I’m looking forward to trying some other flavours, and if you want to grab yourself a bag or 2, please visit Trailhead Fine Foods for their full range. The price varies from around £2.50 – £2.99 for 50g, so not that expensive and definately worth every penny. Some discounts are available for bulk orders. 1kg? Yes please…..

Value (9/10)


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