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When I read a label on a chilli product which contains 6.4 and 12 million Chilli extract, it always fills me with dread, the thought of the stomach cramps you get with excessive consumption. Well here we have Chilli Pepper Pete’s “Sphincter Shrincter” chilli sauce, and sits somewhere between their Naga Headhunter and Dragons Blood heatwise.

The guys at CPP are no strangers to using extract in their products with the likes of Dragons Blood, Satan’s Sh*t which are top sellers. It makes me laugh that it is described as an everyday sauce, I would like to meet the people who eat extract based sauces everyday!

The labelling is similar to a few of their “novelty” sauces as I call them, with a cartoony look to them. You will always see tasters of these sauces at shows, allowing those showing off to their friends to be bought to their knees begging for milk!  This is actually a sauce I have not tried before mainly due to my extract issues!

The sauce itself is a dark brown chocolatey colour with dark flecks, and once open it smells rather nice. I can pick up the Soy beans and the tamarind but there is a very fruity element to it, but it is definately a savoury sauce.


Onions, Soya Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Sugar, Wheat Flour), Green Chilli, Prunes, Fruit Juice, Urfa Chilli, Naga Chilli, Tamarind, Garlic, Ancho Chilli extract, Paprika extract, 6.4m and 12m SHU Chilli extract, Spices.

Bottle kindly supplied by Chilli Pepper Pete

As you can see the fruitiness comes from Prunes, so if the Extract doesnt make me go, the Prunes will!

So on to the taste, here we go, I put my finger over the end and invert the bottle. It leaves behind a thick dark brown residue on my finger and in it goes. I am immediately hit by the fruitiness, but not by the extreme heat I was expecting.

The heat level builds very quickly but its slightly slower than normal. Dont get me wrong, this is a hot sauce, the bottle says “Seriously Hot Sauce” and I would agree. Quite often the burn from extract affects different areas of the mouth but this is an all over burn, maybe because of the other chilli elements in the sauce.

To the unexperienced, this sauce would catch them by surprise, big time, I wouldn’t want to use this neat, you can forget trying a full teaspoon, it isn’t going to happen! Like most extract sauces, a little goes a long long way.

You can buy a 140ml bottle from the Chilli Pepper Pete website for £5 which will last you ages.

Value (7/10)

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