Billy Franks Beef Jerky – Flavoured with The Ribman’s Sauces

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Beef Jerky is becoming more popular with the population of the UK, and Billy Franks are doing their best to spread the Jerky love around with their range. They have various different flavours, made in small batches. Here we have three which have been produced in collaboration with The Ribman , Mark Gervaux and use his Chilli Sauces, Holy F*uck, Christ on a Bike, and Holy Mother of God.

The origins of Jerky go back a long way, as a method to preserve meats before freezers were invented. The word Jerky comes from the Spanish charqui which is from the Quechua word ch’arki which means “to burn meat”. Jerky is a healthy and nutritious snack due to the fact that all excess fat is trimmed off as it doesn’t dry well.

Billy Franks was founded by Will Yates. He moved to the US with his parents at the age of 7 months and lived in Chicago and then New York. Jerky is something the American’s have been enjoying for ages and according to Will they do it well. He recently moved back to the UK and decided to show us how proper Jerky should be.

Will’s middle name is Francis after his granddad, and when he was naughty his mother used to call him Billy Frank and he hated it, until he was looking for a name for his business!

So here we have the 3 Jerky’s flavoured with The Ribman’s sauces. The thing about Mark Gervaux’s sauces is he keeps his ingredients list very close to his chest. All we know is they contain Scotch Bonnets and Naga Jolokias for heat. The COAB sauce has 3 times the amount of Nagas than HF and HMOG is hotter again. See here for our own Darth Naga take on the first two sauces.

The standard ingredients for each Jerky are the same, with the addition of the relevant hot sauce to the marinade.


British Beef, Ribman Chilli Sauce (Chillies, Oil & Spices), Vinegar, Ketchup, Soy Sauce, Honey, Liquid Smoke, Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper.

Packs kindly supplied by Billy Franks

The packs themselves are vacuum sealed, to keep the beef from oxidising. The quality of the beef is fantastic and the aroma you get as you open the packs is amazing, a combination of the standard marinade ingredients coupled with the Naga’s. They smell sweet and really get the taste buds going.

I have tasted quite a few Jerky’s in the past and these are very good, with the differing heat levels between packs, although even with the hottest, it’s never unbearable heat.

The texture is great too, which is important as you don’t want to still be chewing the following morning!  Some commercially available Jerky is just like eating leather which shouldn’t be the case.

There is softness here but still gives your jaw a nice work out and leaves you craving that pint of lager!

The packs are 40g and are available from Billy Franks

HF priced at £2.99

COAB priced at £3.20

HMOG priced at £3.50

or they are available as a Holy Trinity 3 pack, currently priced at £8.25 (not including postage)

Value (8/10)


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avatar Jonny TooBad November 13, 2012 at 8:54 am

Though I’m sure most of Billy Franks’ clientele gun for the hot jerky flavours (Holy Mother perhaps being regarded as the baddest of these) I’ve just worked my way through 2 Roast Beef & Mustard and 2 x Cheeseburger flavoured jerky packs. You may call me a wimp but these flavours are genius and I’m proud of my love of them. The meat quality is excellent and the texture just a tiny bit of moisture. Don’t stop the good work Billy…
Humble fan Hedgy


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