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Burning Desire Foods are based in Brighton, run by Jason Stevens, and have achieved a lot in the 14 or so months they have been trading. The product range has grown steadily during that period, and here we have the Burning Obsession Peppapot Hot Sauce.

The bottle shape is quite interesting,  it’s not the usual shape and size, this makes the product appealing from a distance and Jason stores the bottle in a funky plastic webbing to protect it in storage which is also a nice idea.

It is clear that a lot of work has gone into the logo and general artwork on the label which is a nice gold colour and compliments the orange coloured sauce within. The back label describes the sauce, its uses and the ingredients. Another little touch I like is a gold sticker on the lid of the bottle that simply says “shake me” which is something I tend to forget!

I am intrigued by the word Peppapot in the name of the sauce, and what it means, and according to the label the word “Peppapot”, like the influences in the sauce originate from the Caribbean and means “A Cooked Pot of Peppers” so is this sauce as the label describes? Let’s see.

Upon opening the bottle I can smell sugar, spice and coconut straight away and reminds me of a Korma Curry. The smell is great with a mix of aroma flooding my nostrils making me want to try it.

So pouring some on to a spoon, the consistency is great, not too thick and has a good texture with small bits of onion, and the odd chilli seed present. There are flecks of red and black too.

Ingredients :

 Red Peppers, Coconut Milk, Onion, Scotch Bonnet Chillies, Celery, Dates, Sultanas, Red Wine Vinegar, Lime Juice, Garlic, Ginger, Muscavado Sugar, Salt, Rice Flour, Spices.

Its nice to see all natural ingredients and is suitable for vegans.

The sauce tastes exactly as it smells, and reminds me of a traditional coconut curry, but with more depth, the coconut taste is there but does not overpower. I get the Scotch Bonnet really quickly but the burn is not extreme, just nicely warming.

This “Peppapot” sauce is really tasty, at first thought I was expecting it to be tomato based but the main ingredient is Red Pepper. There is certainly a balance of heat and flavour here and can see this being used as a marinade/rub to use on a roast chicken and other meats.

Bottle kindly supplied by Burning Desire Foods

You can obtain yourself a bottle from the website for £5

Value (6/10)


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