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Chutneys are something that remind me of my childhood, with the aroma of onions from the garden frying and the spices rising into the air. My mother used to make an amazing Chutney in the Autumn  for use over the winter period and Christmas, and A Bit Chilli are trying to tap into the Chutney market with their range of Chilli dipping chutneys.

Here we have their Serrano Smokey Chutney, somewhere in the middle of their range heatwise.

It comes in the standard jar you would expect to find used for dips bought from the supermarket. The label is very yellow, nothing wrong with yellow, but the majority of the label information is white and quite small. This makes reading the ingredients list and the information about the company very difficult.

So to the chutney itself, as I open the jar I get a strong aroma of cinnamon straight away followed by the red onion and the balsamic vinegar. It’s a nice smell and does remind me of my mother’s old chutney recipes cooking away.


Red Onions (57%) Balsamic Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Serrano Chillies (0.8%), Smoked Paprika (0.6%), Garlic, Cloves, Salt, Black Pepper, Bay Leaves, Cinnamon.

 Jar kindly supplied by A Bit Chilli

The red onion has been cooked well, it has lost its raw harshness and has been softened but still has a slight crunch, it is quite sweet but the brown sugar content accounts for that, and balances the Balsamic Vinegar.

Those two ingredients always go hand in hand.With regard to the heat level, the company makes clear they want to educate the public to the flavour, not just the heat of the chillies out there. I have to say that it’s difficult to detect the flavour of the Serrano with the other strong flavours but the heat is there, admittedly it’s a slight heat but the brand name is “A Bit Chilli” and there is “A Bit” of chilli in there. I haven’t tasted their other flavours of chutney so cannot compare heat levels, but the label says medium. I would class this chutney as mild, there is a slight warming in the mouth but that’s it. This isn’t a negative at all, it will just appeal to a wider audience of chilli “novices”

This would go well in a toasted cheese sandwich or with cold meats, or just used as a dip with a big bag of crisps.

The range of Chutneys are available from the A Bit Chilli website priced at £5.98 ( includes £1.99 Postage )

Value (6/10)


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