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by Marty Greenwell on October 17, 2012 · 0 comments

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Bim’s Kitchen has a knack for creating some unique chilli sauce concoctions, made from exotic ingredients such as the Baobab. Most of these sauces, whilst tasting fantastic, have been a little on the subdued side in terms of heat, especially compared to the more extreme varieties, such as Who Dares Burns. Smokin’ Fusion Hot Sauce is Bim’s current hottest product; I dare, let’s see if it burns.

Smokin’ Fusion is made up of a number of different chillies, including the citrusy scotch bonnet and the fiery bhut jolokia. It’s medium brown in colour and medium thickness, making it pourable but not getting sloppy and messy from the 100ml bottle.

Full Ingredients: smoked scotch bonnet, bhut jolokia, amarillo chillies, yellow peppers, habanero chillies, Sichuan peppercorns, fenugreek leaves, mint, coconut milk, lemon juice.

Like all of Bim’s products, it has a really pleasant scent once the top is open and the aromas are released. It smells sweet rather than bitter and lacks the acidity you sometimes get with excessively strong sauces – the distinctive chilli fragrances cannot be picked out, so perhaps it will be deceptively hot.

On the tongue it tastes quite peppery, with that taste lingering through the burn. It’s certainly the hottest of the sauces from Bim that I’ve tried, with a good Scotch Bonnet heat leading to a burn across the tongue and in the lips.

It’s a pleasant medium heat that dissipates after five minutes or so, leaving the peppery flavour in the mouth.

Smokin Fusion Hot Sauce is yet another tasty product from Bim’s Kitchen, but this time it comes with a bit more bite. I’ll definitely be giving this one a go in some fried rice for that extra pep.

Bottle kindly supplied by Bim’s Kitchen

Value (7/10)

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