Angela Garbes – The Everything Hot Sauce Book

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This looks like a little great book for people starting out in the world of Chillies and Hot Sauces. It is the kind of book we all needed when we started, it provides a quick history of chillies, describes what makes them hot and does a good job with a guide to the main varieties and growing techniques. It is unfortunately a little US centric, I guess  we have to expect that as it is the target market for this publisher.

Angela Garbes - The Everything Hot Sauce Book

The best part of the book is recipes with over 150 to try, some are a little bit to simple, like making chilli Mayo with Mayo as the main ingredient, I would use our simple Mayo recipe instead, but apart from that they all look interesting with well written instructions, but no illustrations or pictures.

In the middle of the recipe section was a short history/guide to manufactured bottles sauces, but this only covered a few styles (Tabasco,  Sriracha, Louisiana and Mexican Hot sauces, before providing some recipes for their use.

The recipes take you from making your own hot Sauces and Pastes, to Salsas, Dry Rub and Mixes, and then on a world tour to Mexico , Texas and the Americas before  departing to Europe, African and Middle Eastern and finally Asian dishes, before covering the general subjects of Pickling and preserving and then drinks and desserts.

To make thing simple for us metric users there is a conversion guide in the back of the book, as all the recipes are in odd-looking cups and pounds..

So to sum it all up, A good book for anyone starting in Chillies, ideal gift, but a bit US centric, but still worth adding to your collection, I am sure to use the recipes as a reference guide, but it could do with some more photographs and illustrations.

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