August 2012

This is an odd month for statistics, we only had 5 sites that Alexa registered as having significant UK traffic, this may be as a result of changes in their ranking recording, we will keep and eye on this and let you know.

We had a good bit of news this month, we have been tacking our position in the foodies 100 and most of the time to our complete suprise we have been well outside the top 100, but now we have jumped up 98 place to number 47

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This is based on data from Alexa (data recorded on 31/08/12).
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Peter Seymour - AKA ChilliPepperPeteIt is a very sad day for me today, I have just found out that Peter Seymour aka ChilliPepperPete has passed away. Peter was one of my first people to offer to help me when I started writing The Hot Book of Chillies, he and his family always provided a warm welcome to me on my infrequent visits to his home and office in Brighton.

Over the past few years Peter has provided a number of recipes for us and was always provided news and information, he was always kind and generous with his time, a true friend.

The business he founded ChilliPepperPete and the Fiery Foods UK (FFUK) Chilli Festival we hope will go from strength to strength. This years Festival will be a celebration of the life of one of the godfathers of the UK chilli industry and takes place on the 14th-16th September in Brighton.

Peter will be very sadly missed and our thoughts are with his family at this time. Rest in Peace Peter Seymour – Long live ChilliPepperPete.


The ChileFoundry has now hit the 1,000,000 page views in just a few days over 3 years

1 Million Page Views

When I set-up the ChileFoundry it was in my mind going to run for a year and I would produce one Article/Review/Recipe per day for a year, I have now written over 1,200 articles and the site has published over 1,600 articles, it is now probably the most read chilli blog in the world.

I need to thank all the people who have made this happen including:-

Darth Naga (122) Martin ‘Scooby’ Arnold (39) Thelurch (22) David Kelly (17)
Marty Greenwell (15) Scott Roberts (9) Mrs Naga (12) wegrowourown (9)
Matt (12) LazyLizzi (8) ProjectSpice (5) Dartmoor Chilli Farm (6)
Al Apeno (7) Joy Michaud (5) Michael Michaud (4) Duckboy (4)
ChilliPepperPete (3) Chilli-Talent (3) WiltshireChilliFarm (2) Hotheadz (2)
Buddah (2) Tim (2) Steve Heyes (2) chilli joe (1)
WildChilli (1) Mike (1) Paul Tonkin (1) joebish (1)

As we hit this landmark I am going to take the opportunity to stand down as the editor as I need to concentrate on developments in my other business interests, so over the next 20-30 days I hope to migrate the ChileFoundry away from my personal accounts and make yet another move to a new faster server (that will be a new one each year so far) so the site can grow.

We will announce the new editor in the next few weeks if all goes smoothly….

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Mr Pickles - Fiery BirdseyeMr Pickles is not a company I have heard of I must admit so I have no idea what I am to expect with this little number.

The name on the label says “Fiery Birdseye” so I know what Chilli has been used but then underneath they mention “Rogan Josh Heat 5/10”. This is a little confusing as I then think this is a Rogan Josh sauce but it’s not, I guess they have compared it to the heat you might get from a typical Rogan Josh. I haven’t personally eaten that dish so means little to me.

There is also a mini review on the side of the bottle telling me what I should expect, so Im well prepared!

Anyway enough of the labelling! The taste is the really important thing so let’s get it opened.

The sauce is bright red which is no surprise as the main ingredient is tomato and I get the tomato and lemon juice followed by the burn from the Birdseye Chillis. I think I agree with the 5/10 heat rating on the bottle.

It tastes nice, and is full of flavour, the label suggests just adding this to tinned tomatoes and meat/veg/potatoes to produce a Rogan Josh, but as far as I am aware it needs curry ingredients too and this doesn’t have them apart from garlic and paprika.

The label does suggest adding to Bolognese or Chilli Con Carne which would be nice.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Birdseye Chilli, Sugar, Paprika, Garlic, Salt, Pepper.

Bottle kindly supplied by Mr Pickles

So in summary, this is a tasty sauce, more of a cooking sauce than a pouring one but none the less a nice product from a small UK producer.

At the time of writing I am unable to clarify the price of the product.

[Rating: TBA

P.S. it is suitable for Vegetarians and Coeliacs.

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