Book Review – Hot Sauce! by Jennifer Trainer Thompson

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Hot Sauce! - Jennifer Trainer Thompson

If you are interested in making your own hot sauces or just want to know more about them, this this book is a good starting point, Jennifer Trainer Thompson has published a number of books over the year including a some collectors guides, recipe books and even hot sauce calendars.

This book is US based, it lightly covers the history and type of sauces available as well as the common varieties of chillies and other ingredients used in hot sauces. Then we get to the best bit, hot to make you own sauces, the measurements are all in US imperial sizes so you will need to be able to convert from cups to ml, or just buy some cup measures (I do wish they would do both as standard practice)

There are 32 different sauce recipes giving you a good choice of styles and flavours before the book dives into recipes you can create now you have you own sauce(or one you have purchased). I am often telling sauce manufacturers that they need to give customers ideas for the use of these sauces, thay cannot be all used as table condiments, this this area of the book is full of ideas.

Sprinkled throughout the book are the odd page with further information on a particular subject or sauce maker, it all makes for an interesting read.

There is also a nice appendix about getting into the hot sauce business, while this is based on the US market 99% of the advice is valid if you are going to make and sell your sauces.

Overall this is a  book I will probably refer to on a regular basis, it is well written with a nice easy to follow style (Unlike my blog I can hear you say), the illustrations and photographs work well as does the use of colour to hight light information.

You can order Hot Sauce! from Amazon for £5.49 (reduced already from £9.99), this is very good value for money, I have spent far more just to get one good recipe in the past.

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