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Hot-Headz - Kickin Chicken Smoky ChipotleHot-Headz recently introduced four new products under the Kickin’ Chicken branding, now three of these come in the 345ml size and are Mild, Hot and Very Hot. These are based on the Cayenne chillies and are made in the USA, but the fourth one is a bit unique.

This has been made in the UK and it based on another Hot-Headz product, but has been adapted into a wing sauce and so has a completely different set of ingredients. Based on their Smokned Garlic and Chipotle sauce.

The sauce initially smells of the smoked garlic, and the flavour of the garlic is the first thing that works on your plate, with the warmth from the Chipotles not making much of an impression. But pour it over some hot chicken wings and the Chipotle starts to get active, I am still not going to call this a very hot product, but warmed up by the hot chicken it becomes a completely different product and completely addictive.

Unlike some of the hot wing sauces I have tried in the past this one is not hot enough to even slow me down, but I don’t want it to, and the first pack of wings are soon gone (I did have to share a few..)

Ingredients: Water, Dark Brown Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Tomato Puree, Salt, Smoked Garlic (5%), Granulated Sugar, Spices, herbs, Chipotle Chilli Powder (1%).

Bottle kindly provided by Hot-Headz

This wing sauce is not as sticky as the traditional versions (most of which contain a liquid butter or marg to help them stick) , but this still manages it get very good coverage on the wings, and any dregs left in the bowl are soon spooned over the wings as we eat. The jar also seems to go a lot further that the other wing sauces, that first pack of wings (about 12 in total) only used about 1/3 of the bottle and not I was not being mean and stingy).

Now Stuart tells me that this is also use this as a marinated for grilled chicken..

At £3.99 for the 250ml bottle it is a little more expensive ml for ml than the others in the range, but with the added coverage and divine flavour it is a complete winner, I am sure to be scrounging a few more bottles..


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