Edible Ornamentals Seville Orange Chilli Marmalade

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Edible Ornamentals Seville Orange Chilli MarmaladeMarmalade is gradually losing favour as breakfast condiment in the UK as more extravagant options grow in popularity. Peanut butter, chocolate spreads and honey have seen increased sales in recent years, whilst those of marmalade have declined. As for jams, they remain King being at the top of the sales league table for spreads. However such statistics aren’t the ‘be all and end all’ when it comes to the chilli market where the choice of chilli marmalades available from specialist producers is profuse and in demand.

Although in worldwide terms marmalades can be preserves of any fruit, in the UK they tend to be made solely from citrus fruits and, more specifically, the Seville Orange. This variant of the fruit (originating from Seville in Spain, hence its name) has higher pectin levels that other sweet oranges types and, given that pectin is a natural gelling agent, this ensures that a well set marmalade.

I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to my marmalades, preferring one with thick pieces of peel and an intense rich orange amber colour, instead of the anaemic fine shred or shredless versions that are available on the high street. You can figure out then from the image shown here, that when I got this limited edition Seville Orange chilli marmalade to review, I was keen to try it out as achieves two ticks in those criteria.

Opening the jar releases a rich tangy orange and (something I was not expecting) a toffee-like aroma. The orange scent is more sharp sweet than sickeningly sweet that many mass produced marmalades often are, which is much more preferable for a traditional marmalade. This isn’t surprising given the large percentage of fruit used in the production of this jam – 43g per 100g (most of the well known mainstream brands only use around half that amount).

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Seville Oranges (39%), Chillies (4%) & Lemons.

Jar kindly provided by Edible Ornamentals

Tasting the marmalade is delightful. The intense flavour of the Seville oranges really works well and their natural bitter sweet fragrance easily dominates the sweetness of the sugar – a balance which so many mass market marmalades get so wrong in favour of the sugar. The long thick bits of peel add to the tanginess of the marmalade and give it some bite too. I can also detect hints of lemon flavour just before the warmth of the chilli begins to slowly emerge.

Edible Ornamentals have used Fresno chillies (2,500 – 10,000 SHU) for this marmalade. These are very similar to Jalapeños but slightly hotter than them when fully ripe. With only a small percentage of these mild chillies used in the ingredients that heat is pleasantly warming in the mouth but not all-encompassing.

This marmalade is a real traditional breakfast treat to add to some buttered toast or crumpet – the flavour of salted butter offers another taste contrast to the bitter sweet combination, something you just won’t get from margarine. At £3.75 for a 330g jar, it represents excellent value for money for a specialist marmalade and is available direct from the Edible Ornamental website.


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