Mr Vikki’s – Hot Stuff Scotch Bonnet & Mango Sauce

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Mr Vikki's - Hot Stuff Scotch Bonnet Mango SauceHand Crafted in the Lake District is the tag line on Mr Vikki’s labels and you can tell that his products have been made by a craftsman. Having owned various Mr Vikki’s sauces, I really like the brand identity, there’s no mistaking these products with the bright yellow labels and the heat level indicator with the number of red chillies on the front. My only tiny criticism is that the back label is just plain white and nowhere near the quality of the front, but I think this is now being addressed on new stock.

This particular sauce is 5 on the scale which is somewhere in the middle of the range.

Containing Scotch Bonnet chillies, which to most are the hottest chillies available! I know this sauce is going to be warm especially as its 50% Chilli.

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet Chillies 50%, Yellow Mango 20%, White Wine Vinegar, Salt, Mustard, Spices.

Bottle kindly supplied by Mr Vikki’s

Looking through the bottle, the sauce is fairly runny and is the fairly common orange colour; there are some seeds and some visible spices.

Once open there is a strong smell of the Scotch Bonnets and I can detect mustard, just a hint. I have decided to try this with Poppadum’s as this has 20% mango in it so why not?

The initial taste is Scotch Bonnet but I am pleasantly surprised to be able to taste the Mango, and both together give a very fruity aroma and taste.

So overall this is another good sauce from the Lake District and well worth a try if you get the opportunity, available from at £4 a bottle.


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