Darth Naga and Leyton Power Vs Cappy’s Brain Strain

by Darth Naga on June 18, 2012 · 1 comment

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Brain StrainGood morning my lovely little chilli padawanz! Today I bring you a very special sauce review indeed, mainly because the sauce featured in this video review is *very* limited edition, it only gets made once a year, and even then there’s only a limited run of 5 gallons, so I am VERY lucky to have received this bottle from Ged at “The Chilli Pepper Company” who I am told may well be the UK supplier for this sauce AND the seeds in the very near future.

Anyway enough talk, more action, and here is the lowdown..

Ingredients: Fermented 7pot “Brain strain” Peppers, Pineapple, Carrots, Onion, Garlic, Lime, Clementine, Brown Sugar, Water and Vinegar

Bottle kindly provided by The Chilli Pepper Company

So, those of you with your finger on the pulse of the global chilli industry, and indeed those of you who frequent chilli forums and the like may well have heard of a legendary sauce known simply as “Cappy’s Brain Strain” sauce, from “Pepper ridge farm”. This sauce is unlike a lot of sauces simply because it is a very limited edition sauce, the pods used for it come from “Pepper ridge farm’s” own home grown “Brain strain” 7 pots, which are then fermented for 3 months before being cooked up with the ingredients you see above to create the sauce itself!

As you can imagine, this stuff is pretty damn warm, and it contains no extract at all..but then with 7pot peppers as its main ingredients, you’d kind of expect it not to need any extract! Anyhow, here’s the video review I did with my mate Leyton, I had to try and find the strongest guy I knew to try this sauce, did it bring the guy to his knee’s? Watch and find out…

So there you have it, amazing flavour on this one coupled with a vicious punch of heat that keeps on going and going, no matter what we did, we couldn’t put the fire out on that bad boy and kinda had to let it run its course! It did cause a little cramping even on a full stomach, so make sure when you get your hands on this one that you have a full stomahc and a glass of milk handy!

I think that even at a potential £15-20 a bottle, this stuff is going to be worth it, i have no idea when Ged will be getting his next lot in, so head on over to www.chileseeds.co.uk and send him and email if enough people want this sauce and let Ged know, then i’m sure he’ll do his best to get some bottles in to sell to you all as soon as he can! I can imagine this sort of sauce would do well as a table sauce for complete mentalists, a good addition to a stir fry, or even splashed on a bacon sandwich (if you can handle it!) make ya breakfast a proper good start to the day!

Right chilli padawans, its time for this old pithlord to go and have a bath, ready for the oncoming week, thats not to say i only bath once a week mind you, that would be grim!

Until next time my chilli padawans, may the sauce be with you…always, take care!


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