Fat Man Chilli – Chilli & Apple Jelly with Lime

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Fat Man Chilli – Chilli & Apple Jelly with LimeFat Man Chilli is a small company based in Rickmansworth and Harrow. Malcolm & Paul, who run the company, grow their own selection of chillies from which they create their products in small batches. Between them Malcolm and Paul regularly cover many of the farmers markets in the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & London area and it was whilst visiting one of these markets that I stumbled across their stall.

Using their home grown chillies they produce a small select range of chilli sauces and preserves. The varieties grown include popular one’s such as Cayenne and Jalapeno, to more hotter varieties such as Habanero and the Aji Hot Lemon which is used to create their limited edition “Hot Lemon” sauce (only available from their market stall). They make two preserves:- a Chilli & Apple Jelly with Calvados and a Chilli & Apple Jelly with Lime, the latter which Malcolm kindly donated for this review.

Ingredients: Bramley Apples (29%), Apple Juice (23%), Water, Sugar, Lime (4%), Chilli (suitable for vegetarians)

Jar kindly provided by Fat Man Chilli

Labelling on the jar is simple with an illustration of ingredients and their unique mascot – a moustached Chilli pepper man with a sombrero. This approach leaves lots of opportunity to see the set jelly contained therein, which is a rich translucent amber / orange hue.

Opening the jar I instantly get a strong scent of toffee apples, a very inviting aroma that encourages me to try the jelly. The texture is very smooth as you would expect from a jelly, however given that no gelatin is used in its production I’m somewhat surprised as to how firm the jelly is set. Compared to other jellies I’ve tried this is very viscous and sticks firmly in place on the spoon. When tasting it, this toffee apple flavour is very much at the fore, before hints of lime and a little warmth from the chill become more apparent as gently starts to dissolve in your mouth. The viscosity gives it a ‘thick mouth’ feel and it leaves a coating on the roof of my mouth after consuming my initial spoonful.

The labelling doesn’t indicate which chilli variety is used in the ingredients but the chilli kick is very mild with only a gentle warmth. Taking several more spoonfuls does help to make the chilli effect more noticeable but it doesn’t reach any substantial heat. Clearly this jelly is more about the rich apple flavour than a serious chilli kick.

At £3 for an 8oz jar I think this represents great value for money. Whilst the chilli kick may be a little light for some tastes it’s the rich flavour of the jelly that makes this a winner. I would see this working really well as an alternative to a honey glaze on Gammon roast, or even as an accompaniment with a strong cheese. Equally, with its mild chilli kick, this could work well as a welcome addition to a cream tea or even desserts such as rice pudding or cheesecake.

Available from the Fat Man Chilli website


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