The Chilli Company’s Extra Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce

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The Chilli Company’s Extra Hot Sweet Chilli sauce

The Chilli Company’s Extra Hot Sweet Chilli sauce

When I think about sweet chilli sauces, the first things that pop into my mind are sickly sweet syrup and mildness. Most sweet sauces tend to lack the heat so often craved, so it’s with delight that The Chilli Company are breaking the mould and putting a bit of punch into an otherwise staid area of the hot sauce world.

First impressions are great; the Extra Hot Sweet Chilli sauce comes in a large 290g bottle making it good value, filled to the brim with a dark red liquid. It’s still quite a syrupy sauce in consistency as there’s plenty of sugar included, and it’s littered with seeds and flakes of fruit from the Habanero and Thai chillies.

Ingredients: Sugar, White Wine Vinegar, Habanero Chilli (15%), Thai Chilli (5%), Soy Sauce, Starch, Garlic, Salt.

Jar kindly provided by The Chilli Company

Once the bottle is opened the most preeminent aromas are that of the habaneros and vinegar. It’s not overtly nasally appealing, but this is more than made up for once consumed. Pouring onto the spoon it’s quite thick and quite bitty – there are a lot of seeds in this one giving it a rough texture in the mouth.

The taste journey is an interesting one, it starts off really sweet, with hints of garlic, moving through to a heat that’s got quite an evil sting to it. It gives a solid burn across the tongue and down the throat in a pleasingly – I know I’ve eaten a hot sauce – way, just without the hiccups and drool. The aftertaste has a little bitterness to it, but that’s soon helped by another spoonful.

The Chilli Company’s Extra Hot Sweet Chilli sauce is a great effort at breathing new life into the sweet sauces which are often more sugar than heat. The taste journey is sublime and this is a big bottle for the money. It’s going to work great as a hot dipping sauce, or with rice or perhaps even as an accompaniment to a baked potato. I suspect it might even work as a pick-me-up breakfast treat on toast. It comes well recommended for those seeking more heat to their sweet sauces.


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