Grim Reaper Foods – Vengeance Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil

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grim reaper foods - Vengeance

grim reaper foods - Vengeance

Chilli oils have always been popular in Italian restaurants as a condiment and if are lucky you will find a small specialist bottle in your local supermarket. Russell over at Grim Reaper HQ continues to create new and exciting products and here we have one of the three new oils.

The first thing that struck me when I unpacked this was how nice the bottle looked, and a decent size at 250ml for a specialist oil.

The glossy label follows on from the trio of chocolate bars available from Russell, bright, bold and clear. This is just what I like with a label.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Chilli Extract

Bottle kindly supplied by Grim Reaper Foods

I never know what to expect with Reaper products, and the description on the bottle says “Extra virgin rapeseed oil, ravaged by Chilli extract. Embrace the reaper, pity your soul, feel his wrath, and accept your punishment”

The words “Chilli Extract” usually sends a cold shiver over most Chilli heads but I am reliably informed that this is a mere 100,000 SHU and more about flavour.

I must admit I am not an expert on oils and their regular flavour so this is a first for me. The oil is a vivid orange colour, I can’t say a lot more, opening the bottle there is a very pleasant nutty aroma.

So let’s move on to tasting which has to involve the current trend of dipping some nice fresh Italian bread into a ramekin of the oil, but unfortunately I only have Hovis best of both so it will have to do!

There is an instant hit of chilli but also the lovely flavour of the Rapeseed oil, I have to say I wasn’t expecting such a nice flavour from the oil itself but with the addition of the extract it only adds to the flavours making an exceedingly tasty product. And available from them at a price of £5 a bottle

I can see myself using this in salad dressings or just drizzled over all manner of different things, I look forward to tasting the others!


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