Wahaca – Searingly Hot Chile De Arbol Sauce

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on June 5, 2012 · 1 comment

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Wahaca De Arbol Sauce

Wahaca De Arbol Sauce

We all love a bit of Mexican food right? Hell yes. But like most overseas food it is hard to find something that even comes close to the real deal, well unless your talking Colonel Sanders where it tastes the same globally. Well here today I have ‘A dash of Wahaca Mexican eating searingly hot chile de arbol sauce’. Your probably thinking the same? Just another company trying to make money branding it as true to the original part of the world that it came from? Well I’m afraid we are both wrong. Just take a look at the producer (Thomasina Miers) of the sauces history. Co-Author of Mexican food made simple, Masterchef 2005 winner as well as co-presenting cookery series on channel 4. Thomasina has skills. The bottle I have here is very stylish yet simple with a great skeletal Mariachi on the guitar, no doubt playing jonny cash? Okay that ones getting old now lol

The sauce itself looks similar thickness to say vinegar so much more of a pouring sauce. Quite dark in colour, rich orange and red blend with remnants of dried chilli that has been chopped and left to meander around the bottle awaiting to jump out onto my spoon.

Ingredients: Water, Red bell pepper, Spirit vinegar, sugar, dried chilli, cayenne pepper, maize starch, dried roasted garlic, salt, dried onion, red chilli, Chile De Arbol 0.6%, Smoked paprika, Oregano, Allspice, Natural chilli flavouring, Cumin.

I think that just about sums that up. Lots going on it here and the smell is very true to its roots. Strong aroma of what reminds me greatly of chilli con carne. I can sense that I am eating chilli as we speak, the aroma is so distinctive. No more messing with this I really want to give it a taste. Bugger, the kids just run off with my spoon, time to tip the bottle back then.

Immediately I get the taste of chilli con carne, and this flavour builds and builds at the same rate as the heat. Lovely warming of the mouth which quickly moves to burn which is great. Ever so slight vinegar essence in the background but not enough to do any harm to the sauce. Good smoky flavour starts flowing while the heat levels out comfortably. This to me is a very VERY good Mexican sauce. My only area that I feel needs a bit of work is that I would prefer it if it was thicker. Don’t get me wrong the flavour is great. I guess its just me having trouble separating the flavour from actually eating chilli. I’m used to chewing when I get this taste, but I can’t with this. But still, awesome taste and heat. Multitude of Mexican flavours coming out, wave after wave. You can almost pick out the individual spices that have gone into this and the compliment to each other is perfect.

I can see this being used to spice up your salad of the bbq season (if there is one), to even adding an extra something to your winter stews. Pretty versatile which is where I reckon the thickness has been designed to be this loose. Clever thinking. This is actually the first product I have tried from Wahaca but I look forward to others now.

I could not find out price for this, but looking back on a review Hot Juan did at the end of May and it looks as though Sainsbury is the place to go. £1.32 (was £1.99) for a 150ml bottle is not bad value in my eyes for a sauce that packs this flavour. I think Hot Juan would have preferred this one over his Smoky Chipotle sauce. Don’t worry I’ll save you a drop lol So give this one a look guys. Not a bad little number at all.

So until next time guys, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out.


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avatar Mat June 29, 2013 at 12:05 pm

I am not familiar with Mexican food at all, but I find the amount of cumin in this sauce a bit off putting. It’s not bad, but it leaves a prolonged cumin aftertaste.


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