Quay Ingredients – Blackened Cajun Seasoning

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Quay Ingredients - Blackened Cajun Seasoning

Quay Ingredients - Blackened Cajun Seasoning

Blackened Cajun cooking is a technique where you cover a steak with melted butter and then coat with  herbs and spices before frying or grilling at a big heat, the blackening effect comes from the growing the butter and the browning of the spices.

Now on the jar Quay Ingredients recommend using this mixed with some olive oil as a marinated or using it as a dry rub, both of which may be a little easier as the hot butter method does have a tendency to produce a lot of smoke.

Tonight I am trying this on some steaks, I have mixed about half the jar with some olive oil and the steaks are marinading in the fridge.

Tasting the mixture dry, it has a surprising sweet taste before the chilli warm and the other herbs start to rehydrate. the sweetness is cause by the dextrose.

Ingredients Dextrose, Chilli, Marjoram, Smoke Salt, Garlic, Coriander, Pepper, Oregano, Thyme.

Jar kindly provided by Quay Ingredients

Dextrose seems like an odd ingredient for the first one in the list, I have known it to be used to soak crisp prior to cooking as it help them crisp, and it may be here for the same reason to make the seasoning act as a coating and crisp up during cooking.

If you are cooking a steak you don’t want to over cook it just to get a crisp browned coating, but I do find sugars added to BBQ sauce tend to burn spoiling the effect so tonights cooking will be interesting.

Cooking the steaks… I have heated the griddle pan to as hot as my stove  will go (we have just gone over from gas to electric, part of the new kitchen design and I could not get my range cooker installed as part of it)

Well the steak was excellent, the surface started to crisp nicely, I could have done with the pan being a little hotter (I do miss my commercial cooker). There is a nice warmth from the chillies, you don’t want to much on a steak, else why buy a good steak in the first place, and it is nice to be able to taste the herbs and garlic.

Note: I do like the labels design, I noticed when editing the picture how simple and clean the design is and how well it works.

You can pick up a 75g bag of this for just £2.50 on their web site www.quayingredients.co.uk


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