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Good morrow chilli peeps. How art thou? Ok enough of the gibberish, How the hell are ya? All good I hope and planning your bbq’s as we seem to be having a tiny heatwave at the moment, wonder if it will last??? Well I’m planning on one pretty soon so I thought today I thought I would review a product that sounds pretty versatile from the information on the jar. ‘Stir in to pasta sauce, spread it on bruschetta, pizza or sandwich’. Sounds like it could be a contender for being an all round paste.

Bread Tree - Peperoncino Chilli Paste

Bread Tree - Peperoncino Chilli Paste

The jar today has come from a company called ‘Bread tree’ and are based in Sutton. They are specialists in Peperoncino chilli, Nduja and Bruschetta toppings. And this, is Peperoncino chilli paste.

A lovely decorative jar which has had care and attention brought to it with its tasteful jar topper with logo and a simple yet straight to the point label. Rich red colour flowing from the jar which only recedes to show off its seed content. First appearance seems slightly oil but that is not a bad thing when you see that its extra virgin olive oil. And being a Trainer and nutritionist this is one oil I highly recommend.

Boom, that’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. There must be a pretty high content of chilli in this so it gets a thumbs up so far.

Ingredients: Italian Peperoncino chilli, Extra virgin olive oil, Vinegar, Salt.

Jar kindly provided by

Aroma? Pretty much just fresh chilli but on a very mild scale. But the taste? OMG!!!! I am a huge fan of Italian cuisine and one spoonful of this immediately takes me back to there. First off I get a wonderful smoothness from the oil and a taste that not only suggests that this is extra virgin olive oil, but that it is very good grade olive oil. This is followed by a flavour that reminds me of tomato, although its not tomato. I guess its my mind taking me to a tomato pizza drizzled with olive oil yum. The chilli is slightly sweet and very fruity and packs a nice punch. Not a solid kick, but a teasing burning sensation that builds then maintains at a level that allows you to fully enjoy everything that you are experiencing. A truly Italian product which I can definitely see being used to dip my bread in as a starter or even being added to my burger to heat it up a touch. Or as a dressing for my salad, or on my pizza ARRGGGHHH I could go on.

Let me spell it out for you, A, M, A, Z, I, N, G! You can get a jar of this from and is £5.89 for a 190g jar (also available £7.25 for a 280g jar). Whilst this to me is usually overpriced for a product of this size, I feel that this is worth it. Knowing how much a good oil is I can see why it carries this price tag but please do not let it put you off. If you like a nice heat and love Italian food then this is a must for you. Cannot wait to use this on my next meal. Hey I’d even use it on my coco pops in the morning (Well I wont really but you get the point, its an amazing taste).

So until next time guys, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out. Scooby out.


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